Boko Haram Issues Threat Over Anti-Islam Film

The suspected leader of Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram has issued a threat in a YouTube video over a US-made anti-Islam film that has sparked widespread protests in the Muslim world.

“First, insults against the prophet, evil plots against him, making blasphemous movies against him, all these will do no harm to Islam,” Abubakar Shekau says in the Hausa language spoken throughout Nigeria’s north in the video which appears to have been posted on Sunday.

“Anybody plotting this will surely pay for it. Everybody knows what this statement entails. Everybody should wait and see what we will do regarding this.”

The video could not be independently authenticated, but it closely resembled previous such videos of Shekau, who has been in hiding since a 2009 crackdown by Nigeria’s military on Boko Haram.

A number of protests over the anti-Islam film have been held in Nigeria’s mainly Muslim north organised by a Shiite Muslim group not connected to Boko Haram, with no violent incidents occurring.

In the nine-minute video, Shekau, an AK-47 leant on the wall next to him, also threatens Nigerian authorities, says he is prepared to die and denies government assertions that there has been dialogue with his group.


  1. Coward! Show your face come out and fight like a man! Maybe if you can do that then we will know you stand for somtin instead of hidin like a rabbit and throwing bombs even your profet moha-mad will be ashamed of you bcos u r afraid of being caught yet u say u fight for him goat

  2. I tout they said dey hav arrested dis man, were did dis come from? “the video could not be independently authenticated, but it closely resemble……” dis politicians should please stop playing with our heads and killing innocent people to protect their interest or trying to prove right wat they want the public to believe…

  3. me! to comment on Nigerian problem? It can not make any change so is better I keep my silence. Yesterday President Goodluck Jonathan said that Nigeria is fighting Terrorism in the same measure with America and some people mocked at him, I can see the reason why every Nigerians want to leave the country to another country not even minding what they will face in a strange land. May God help Nigeria!

  4. We should all join hands with the government to fight this problem…
    Government are not spirits or God, they require our help to solve this problem…..
    If you truely love Nigerians, report any suspected person to the police or any security agent…..
    It doesn’t matter if that person is your neighbour, friend or relation…
    Your reporting that person might just save life…..
    Please remember; do not give advice to a wicked person because he might turn at you if that advice failed…..
    So, the best thing you should do is to report him to the police or any of the security agency….
    In doing this, you are helping nigerians!


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