8 Day Old Baby Dumped At Kaduna Cemetery Found Alive With Maggots All Over His Body

A baby boy suspected to be eight-day-old was found wrapped inside a bag and abandoned at a cemetery in Kakuri, Kaduna South local government area of Kaduna State yesterday.

The boy, who had maggots coming out from every opening on his body, was still alive, according to two good Samaritans who located him in the area.

Mr. Robert Ogbole, a student of Bayero University Kano and Miss Grace Yahaya, a Kaduna State athlete who found the baby, narrated their experiences to newsmen at the Kakuri police station where it was taken to after receiving first aid at a nearby hospital in Kakuri.

Ogbole said: “I was at home at about 11: 30 am when my younger brother (Mike), who passed through the cemetery to the football field came with a report that he heard the sound of a baby inside a bag at the cemetery. So, I quickly called my neighbour (Grace), and we ran to the place.

“On getting there, we found this baby boy rapped all over with cloth and was kept in the cemetery, so we picked him and this my neighbour helped to unwrap him, the baby had maggots coming from every opening of his body but was still alive.

“We then took the baby to Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) clinic in Kakuri where the baby was treated before we brought him to the police station.

“The nurse at the clinic confirmed that the baby should be about a week old and probably would have been in that condition for about four days,’’ she said.

When contacted, the Kaduna Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Aminu Lawan, confirmed the incident.

“When the baby boy was brought to our police station in Kakuri, our men immediately swung into action. We have taken the baby to the Saint Gerard Catholic Hospital for necessary medical investigation and treatment. At the end of the treatment, we will process all the documents and hand over the baby to the social welfare for further necessary action.

Meanwhile, the PPRO said, the police will carry out necessary investigation with a view to unveiling the perpetrator of such dastardly act.



  1. This hapened @ d neighbourhood where I grew up. Who must av done des abominable act? Baby dat some pple ar fervently praying 4 nd some ar even ready to pay lots of money to get.God will surely expose d perpetrator. Na wa Oooo

  2. Is there any benefit in doing evil?,no.This innocent baby that a heartless person had decided 2 dump in the cemetry with no genuine reason,infact i hv nt even seen any reason whatsoever that wil warrant a baby 2 be treated lik that, even if he is a witch there are police ppl 2 table the problem 2.Baby that some pple are looking 4 is what somebody had thrown away.But i strongly believe that whatever you sow is what you wil reap,you can’t sow banana and xpect 2 reap plantain is not just possible.The law of karmal is never inevitable or the law of equity and natural justice.The culprit of this act wil never hv peace in life.May the good lord protect this innocent baby.Amen.

  3. God BLESS the people that took the courage to rescue this baby. People had spent millions of naira looking for baby, women are crying to their God just to have only one child, this fool that God has blessed with a baby want’s to murder the baby. No peace for the wicked this person(s) who perform this act will never have peace in his life and i pray that God should keep this baby alive to become a better person in the society tomorrow AMEN!

  4. To b sincere, d mother of d abondon baby did abominable tin but let us not judge or lay curses becus d bible said dat al hav sinned & com short of d glory of God, non ls rightous befor God. Tanx to God dat d baby is alive today despite d evil deed of d mother. Judgement belongs to d Lord


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