25-year old human parts seller nabbed in Lagos

Uneasy calm now pervades the air as residents of Shagamu Road, Ikorodu, Lagos, are still in shock over the recent arrest of a 25-year-old man who specialises in exhuming and selling human parts for rituals.

Frail looking Rahaman Abdul was caught with a fresh human head in a cemetery along Shagamu Road Ikorodu, on October 5.
Confirming the shocking news, which threw residents of the area into confusion, Mr. Ade Bayo, who claims to be the personal assistant to the vice chairman of Ikorodu Local Government Area squealed that before Abdul was arrested on that fateful day, the security men at the cemetery had always complained bitterly on how they usually find the cemetery in bad shape with body parts littered around the vicinity almost every morning.
Continuing, Bayo disclosed that the men became more alert in their quest to unmask those behind the weird happenings around the vicinity without knowing that one of them, was working hand in hand with the corpse rogue. Unfortunately for Abdul, nemesis caught up with him recently, as he went for his usual business of butchering body parts of dead bodies.

It was gathered that after he had dug open the grave, he brought out the corpse divided the head from its body, after which he arranged the grave to its usual shape, unknown to him security staff were wide awake on duty monitoring his every evil move.
He was eventually nabbed by one of the security staff , who caught him holding a human head, a shovel and two knives at about 5.30 am.
After beating him mercilessly, they took him to a nearby police station and handed him over to the officers on duty.
Meanwhile, before being handed over to the Police, Abdul confessed that he had been in the business of selling body parts of corpses for over a year and that the grave he dug before being caught was his 25th attempt.

He told his bewildered captors that he sold each head for N10,000 Naira, the hands and the legs, for N5,000 each. Upon further interrogations, Abdul confessed to have sold most of the body parts to an Alfa .

Olatunde, a family friend of Abdul disclosed that the culprit stays in his father’s house at the back of the cemetery, but lost his father last year after a brief illness. Abdul, he further disclosed attended Ikorodu High School and was doing menial jobs to sustain himself and younger ones after his father, also an Alfa, died.
“His father’s death brought untold hardship to the family. Although he didn’t have a good job, but I still can’t believe that he will go all the way to be selling body parts of dead people for money. His neighbours and friends knew him as a very gentle and friendly person who they felt couldn’t hurt a fly,” stated Olatunde.

“The truth was uncovered when investigations were conducted and they found out that the head of staff in the cemetery was working hand in hand with the culprit which was why he was able to gain easy access to the cemetery at night and also had his own share of money in the deadly business,” hinted another concerned worker in the cemetery.

The culprit, we gathered was later transferred to the Police Command, Ikeja, for further investigations.


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