1 Billion Still Without A Mobile Phone And Two-Third Of World Population Without Internet Access

Do you own a mobile phone or have access to the internet? Count yourself lucky as about a third of the world’s population is unable to access the internet while a staggering 1 billion people still do not own a mobile phone, showing many of the globe’s citizens are disconnected when it comes to modern-day communication.

Research has shown that 6 billion people – six out of seven of the world’s population – had a subscription to a mobile phone by the end of 2011, an increase of 600million.

However, with the rapid advancement of the communications industry, it might seem surprising that 1billion others still do not.

About a third of the world’s population – 2.3 billion – does not have access to the internet, the report by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) found.

Generally, there has been an increase in people using mobile phones worldwide as the number of people acquiring mobile phone subscriptions has risen sharply in recent years with developing countries seeing a double-digit growth in 2011, the ITU reported.

And the use of mobile broadband grew by 78 per cent in developing countries and 40 per cent across the world, the research found.

What has the experience been like with your network service provider in view of the ITU’s recent statistics?

-Daily Mail


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