Woman Divorces Husband in Ilorin Because He Talks Too Much

Didn’t know you could lose your spouse because you talk too much. Basket Mouth and co., beware o!

A 38-year-old housewife, Mrs Mariam Adunni of Omoda Area, Ilorin,Kwara state has been granted her wish by the town’s Area Court to dissolve her six-year-old marriage. Asked why she wanted divorce, she said her husband talks too much.

Adunni told the court that her husband,Garba Ajani not only talked too much, but also did not keep family secrets. “My husband is fond of sharing our family affairs with his relatives and friends,” she told the court, adding that the defendant spends his time on idle talk rather than spend time with his kids.
She continued; “My husband has no trust in me, instead he shares his problems with friends and relatives who will mislead him.”

The plaintiff informed the court that the marriage was contracted in 2006 and had produced two children.

“I am tired of him because I have tried my best to change him and he is not ready to cooperate,” she said.

The defendant agreed to her request for divorce, saying, “nobody can turn my back against my parents.” Has he been talking to his parents about everything that happens in his home? He’s hardly a man then.

“I am ready to concede to her wish”, he said and urged the court to grant the prayer of the plaintiff.

The presiding Judge, Mr Quadri Ibrahim, in his judgment, dissolved the marriage and issued a certificate of divorce to the plaintiff. The wife goes home happy though, but divorce is never easy on the kids. God be with them.


  1. Talk about trust u earn trust.check urself u must have done something 4 him not 2 trust u.liar,you have seen another man that is y u came up with d excuse of him talking too much.ashawo

  2. I see no reason y marriages shld b broken wen u’ve already had a covenant wit God. Definitely she’ll hv herself 2 blame if she comes back 2 c anoda woman. Wen dey wer having children, he was nt doin it 2 much? May God help her.

  3. Charles cj,noble,fine boy. Na wa o. Mumu full life o. So divorce na crime. Obviously lowlives like y’all are kiss and tell so una go carry am enter mmarriage. A real man is much more than having mini 3rd legs. Mscheeeew


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