Use Your Votes to Kick out Bad Leaders – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has told Nigerians that they should be able to use their votes, as eligible members of the electorate, to kick out bad leaders in government as they deem fit. Speaking during the inauguration of the second edition of the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWin!) in the State House, Abuja, on Monday, the president explained that it was with this in mind that his administration decided to sanitise the electoral process to ensure that the wish of the people prevailed at elections.

According to him, “we feel that for a political dispensation to be relevant to the people and to endure, the electoral process must be sanitised. The voter card of Nigerians must make them vote out the bad politicians. That is the only way we politicians will be committed and do what is right.

“And for that we promised to change the electoral process. We have not reached where we want to go but Nigerians and, indeed, all people that have been monitoring our elections have observed that this is a different face of Nigeria and we will continue to improve on it.”

The president also touched on a very crucial point when he observed that those who shout about corruption in the country were some of the most corrupt in the country. In his words, “In this country, these days, people talk about corruption. Sometimes those who are corrupt even shout more about corruption but we are tackling it gradually. If you look at the agriculture sector where scandals of procurement of fertilisers and tractors and other scandals were going on, we have stopped that. In the oil sector, we are going to stop it. Gradually, this will thin down. We cannot change the society overnight but we have to take it step by step.”

He also expressed his administration’s commitment to tackling corruption even as he observed. And Nigerians want to know – these cases of corruption that he his claiming have been stopped (both in the agricultural and oil sector), have no culprits been caught? Will they not be brought to book? But while we are waiting for answers to those questions, 2015 here we come!


  1. non-sense u’r d most corrupt person in d country nd u want play wiz our sense.we ol kwn u nd tym will cum wen d truz will cum nd wash u ol away.


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