Rio Ferdinand Secures Life After Football

Footballers are usually faced with the challenge of what to do after retirement, but this can’t be true Manchester United footballer Rio Gavin Ferdinand whose business acumen and interest in entertainment seems to have secured a good and interesting life for him after retirement. Ferdinand’s business makes one think he would have been an Ibo man were he to be a Nigerian.

The Lagos chief has invested in real estate, media, and clothing. In 2005, Ferdinand created a record label(White Chalk) with a friend. He has two artists on his label. He filmed a documentary about his birth palce, Peckham in 2008. Also in 2008, he entered the world of cinema by financing Alex de Rakoff’s film, Dead Man Running. The film featured Danny Dyer and 50 Cent. Rio Ferdinand was also named the executive producer. In 2009, he published the first issue of his magazine, #5. The magazine has featured many celebrities till date. He has also ventured into clothing with his 5 cap.

Rio Fedinand is building a green home with the smallest carbon footprint possible on a two acre plot on the border of Kent and southeast London, just a few miles from the London estate where he spent his childhood. Rio Ferdinand is an ambassador for the energy company E.on, sponsors of the FA Cup that encourage householders to reduce their energy use which will not only help the environment but also save money. He hopes to move there with his family once he retires. He also owns a £500,000 deluxe five-bedroom villa in Morocco.

Rio thinks about others as much as he does himself, and so has long been involved in philanthropic and charitable activities, both on his own behalf and in rallying support from the sports, arts and entertainment industries for causes with which he identifies. Over the years these causes have covered a range of social and economic issues including tackling young people’s involvement in crime and substance misuse, the lack of training and development opportunities available to residents in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and supporting young people into employment. This is what Rio Ferdinand Foundation is all about. US company, InvestUS is the corporate sponsor and patron of the foundation for 2012/2013.


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