Photos: World Record Holder For Longest Female Finger Nails

When I first saw these pictures, I did not know what to think immediately. We are taught to always keep our finger nails clean and trim as much as possible but it baffles me how some people can keep their own nails to grow so long as to become the longest in the world.

Some do it for the fame while others simply just enjoy the sight of having talons for nails and they didn’t just start grooming it overnight- it takes years of painstaking effort to grow nails as long as 20ft-29ft.

World record holder for longest female finger nails, Singer Chris ‘The Duchess’ Walton, was spotted today at the LAX airport in California as she posed with the nails she stopped cutting 19 years ago, proudly placing her talons front and centre to show off the curling nails, coloured to match her outfit.

With five children at home, the Las Vegas woman said she cooks and cleans with her nails and can even play the piano and use the computer with the nails which have an incredible combined length of 20 feet averaging about two-foot long each.

The 45-year-old said: ‘It’s just like growing a long beard, or long hair… I didn’t grow my nails deliberately – I just stopped getting manicures and started taking care of my nails myself.’

Wow! Can you keep your finger nails to grow up to this length?

Chris ‘The Duchess’ Walton Did Not Let Her Fingernails – The World’s Longest – Stop Her Getting On A Plane At LAX Airport In California Today
The Singer, Better Known For The Long Talons, Cooks, Cleans, And Can Use A Computer
As A Singer Popular In Nevada & California, Walton Known As The Dutchess, Can Also Play The Piano Hassle-Free
The Previous Record Holder Lee Redmond Lost Her Nails In A Car Accident In 2009
This Picture Of Redmond, Along With Melvin Booth, The Male Owner Of The World’s Longest Fingernails At 29ft 8in, Was Taken Just Months Before Her Car Crash


  1. Guys stop criticizing them or better still dont judge them, they are living a life they would b remembered for. You!! What would u b remembered for? Just passing by shaaa.


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