PHOTO: Female Robbery Gang Leader Nabbed In Abuja

A female robber who is also the leader of a gang of robbers was nabbed and stripped naked by a mob in Abuja while she and her gang were trying to rob another woman. Luck ran out of her as onlookers swooped down on them and vented jungle justice.

Among the team of five, she was the only one who was captured as the others were able to escape.Inside the ash coloured Nissan Sunny were loads of ATM cards, Passports of various persons, her bag contained “many phone” an eyewitness said.This incident happened at the AREA 11 TRAFFIC LIGHT where they were held by traffic as they were been chased. It happend today, at about 2:00pm. [pix from George Onmonya Daniel]


  1. What a pathetic incidenct!.She shouldn’t be treated like that now.Don’t they have respect for womanhood?.They don’t to strip her naked now.O my God.

    • Please let us stop claiming it isn’t good to expose womanhood. If it could be done to a man, den why not any gender?. Maybe we should rather say it is wrong to do to any gender at all.

  2. D way in which diz woman is bieng dealt wt is harambic and unislamic. There are many ways of dealing wt such pple in d society not xposing her nakedness 2 d whole nation. D above justic is 2 bad u kno……..

  3. She should thank her star that is only stripping her naked is only what they could do her but if here in aba we for burn her alive…lazy human who wanted to make things more harder to others….fools….!

  4. I wanted to change the world, then i realize i could only change myself……….u that is condeming her check ulself very well

  5. This is not good, there are many ways to deal with her, and not to strip her naked, we must have respect for womanhood, if not for any thing for the sake of our mothers, sisters, and wives. The joy is mine.

  6. most of u here r bonch of fools! Hav u guys eva been attacked by dos armrobbers? Dey will do u more dan wat is done 2 her. It hapen 2 me. Is she d only jobles person in 9ja? Go 2 hell, u guyz! She tank God I wasnt dere I 4 tear all her body wit blade. Shege! She neva c anytin yet, d wost is comin 4 evil pple lyk her.

  7. unlucky day ungreathful lady,but he matter beyound niked, but both islamic christiany religion dislike such punishment. particularly how many politician we are able 2 dealt with, lets thing about this how many people would have sufficient job wish 2 commit robbry or thief. lets plead 2 our government 2 eradicate poverty.

  8. She has no mercy 2 her victems,no piety 2 them,when they were steeling there monies. There victems money may be 4 d feeding of offphans etc the leason we must learnd in dis are,in everything we intend 2 do we must considered the implications both gut and bad.No piety no mercy 2 pietyless and mercyless. That served her right.

  9. People have found a way of turning this into a feminist talk. Would rather she was burnt, which is the treatment she would have got if she was a man. If you ask me she received the best treatment she could have got from a society that has been deprived any form of social justice. People have to protect themselves and so when they do, they also have to enforce any punishment they desire. In this case stripping her naked i think is quite lenient. There has to be a way to deter others.

  10. Its too bad we take pleasure in d misshap of others.she is d result of economic know she could have been a graduate.may God help us all.

  11. Stripping her naked is not the solution here, she should have been made to confess and name the location of her gang, after that she should be set ablaze and burnt. No matter what must have led her to crime. Don’t forget that if this type happens to meet you as a victim, she will not spare yr life after robbing you. So let her die simple.

  12. Incredible!!! 75% of ladies in Nigeria today are thieves in one way or the other. You can test them to see if its not true. Thank God Nemesis caught after her.

  13. She needs 2b nacked because her aims n objective was 2 kill innocent pple n take there belonging n if possible kill them.

  14. Dis is best tin dat has happened dis year. If she handed 2 9ja police, they wil sleep wit her & let her go. It‘s better dis way so dat her famly membas wil knw what their daughta is doing in Abuja.

  15. nice comments. But the truth is, a criminal is to be handled and as well treated like a criminal. However, she’s got no human feeling and i obviously think she does not deserve one. Let justice be done to eliminate or reduce the rate of criminal acts in this gr8 country.

  16. It will serve as a deterrent to other criminals,the police will just set her free after collecting money from her and the gang members who will come behind or may be send her to court that will set her free in the name of no concrete evidence cause nobody will follow such to court.Lesson 1.

  17. those when she dey rob nor be victim of economic hardship too when some of una go dey talk like fools. she could mete out treatment to others but not to her abe? she dey cry abe? she get luck, how wish na warri she for br burnt offering cos dem for set her ablaze. stupid thieving crying baby

  18. I don’t support stripping a lady in public for any reason in this modern but when u consider we live in a society where social justice is near zero, people are making honest living against all odds, there r social basic amenities, plus d fact that diz criminal won’t spare u if they get a chance ?? I think she got liniency. I knw she’ll end up in the police cell and she’ll be bailed and allowed back to the society, worse case, she is sentenced to jail for a few yrs. If it was man, trust me, all u wud hv seen wud be ashes of burnt tires and bones!

  19. Nobody is willing to do the crime, it is because of poverty.. Government should take necessary steps, they have to focus of more employment and motivate self employed people.. I will not like to publish the photo of Naked women, after seeing this everybody will will start doing like this..
    Nigeria is having good wealth, Government and people should use it properly.

  20. Dam at dise picture she deserve it,like saying wht a man cn do a woman do better bt dis girl do it more more better,if talk say i dey dere i for don cut her hair and breast .

  21. This is truly wrong and inhuman….. is better they take her to Police then to court of law for persecution then doing this barbarism act…. This is abuse to all women and humanity in general… she could be killed but this Picture might remain forever…. RESPECT THE HUMAN REST No matter what happen.

  22. Robbers take away peoples life………her clothes was only taken away from her, so were’s the noise of private parts coming from ?………..there is no peace for the wicked.

  23. Honestly, in as much as she performed a kinda illicit act……..I don’t think stripping her was the right step to take. I doesn’t represent the ethics which Nigeria and Africa in general adhere to. Don’t we have an arm of government that should handle the situation ?….this move is quite obsolete, I must confess.

  24. that is very good to her because, if u meet them on the road or they came to ur house, they no piety you, they will dilly with u no be small they will kill u or they will beating if u not have money ,, but she is lucky if i dey there she will regrind i will service her

  25. If it was a guys, de will beat d hell out of them den throw dem down 4rm a bridge n stone dem, nw she wasn’t shown half dat treatment, even burnt alive, come d mob was kind. Now am nt asking blood 2b spilled bt smtyms even leaving dem mk dem get better @it. If u hear testimony of does dey attacked, u go wish worse 4dem…. Others girls commenting n thinking of this nakedness, is bcos dey hv exposed what u ve been hiding and nw d guys hv 2see dis 1 for free. But it doesn’t really matter wat must be done to bring shame to dis idiots must be done… Joblessness shud encourage positive creativity not shameless acts of robbery, prostitution, etc… I believe in NIGERIA, together we can build it

  26. All of you who are saying she deserves this are BIG FOOLS if una get power make una go catch IBB or other politician wen dey chop nija moni in billions if soldier no go kill una like fowl una don see see woman wen go steal handset una con naked her bcos una never see woman toto before. Foolish hooligans. Una for hand her to police simple! If the woman commot gun now everybodi go pick race

  27. Τ̲̅ђe first person who hasn’t committed such offence has casted Τ̲̅ђe stone on her. Nigerians let’s Ɓε̲̣̣̣̥ careful ☀̤̣̈̇f Τ̲̅ђe type ☀̤̣̈̇f judgement we give as we act as though serious ones than this don’t happen.

  28. if you have been held at gun point before and , beaten by criminals and watch people around you be humiliated or thrown out of the bus of a one chance vehicle , then you will understand how those who have stripped her naked feel…if the Arab world she would have been be headed or amputated , so why are we see striping someone naked as barbaric?? people shoot buglers in their home in the united states. and it is not called barbaric but self defense, and some one was killed in Florida as a result of a law called stand your grounds . is that not being barbaric?? i think a lot of us should not just react to what we see and be quick to make comments, rather listen to both sides of the story.. if you siblings or someone you know was killed by this same girl on that same day she was caught what would you do?? or your school fees or house rent was collected by her at gun point with all the molestation that goes with with??

  29. My people, if these heartless, brutty,& destructive robbers has visited you in your house or in transist, raped/assort your wife right in your presence and every female in your house, kill and left you with sorrow and pain to death of your loved ones. Then you will know what to say. Evil is bad. Don’t encourage it with your sympathy.

  30. It is barberic to hv naked that lady like that, for those that did that act, how many of you hv not sin. The right thig for them to hv done is to hand her over to the law enforcement agencie. You dont take law into your hands.

  31. I dont give a damn that she was stripped naked. I dont give a damn whether she was motivated by need, poverty or greed. I dont give a damn about the economic or security conditions in Nigeria. I dont give a damn about those who pity her degrading treatment or those who want to “prick her nyash” or see her full “frontal cover”. I just dont give a damn.

  32. Pls my pple, if police catch a criminal let them handle it and enjoy the money that comes out of it and if mob catch let them do what the like, so criminals chose where u will go 4 operation, see u pple that r saying human or inhuman, if this set of pple catch u, the may sleep with ur wife or sister infront of u, it has nothing 2 do wih or without, pls this nija has no law, no b if mob catch one man go come fuck and she will go, any person wa catch do as u like, we no trust police. Watin be woman body, we d talk of armed robber and u d tell me woman, abag.

  33. hmmm, yu naked her for just tachere thing what about those that loot our money, convert 9aija properties to their own ? , pls dat lady needs ur prayers just help her not only nakeding her.

  34. Nigeria is a well developed country , we shouldn’t disgrace our country in Public, Such cases shouldn’t be handled in these manner, its an eye sore to the world , and a big shame to Nigeria. there are thieves in all countries , have we ever heard America or any European countries Strip any of their citizen who is caught Stealing ? yet they are better thieves than us.
    For a girl to steal it simply means she a victim of circumstances and not been able to control the Situation beyond her Effort. That’s not an excuse anyway , A Thief is a Thief , and should be penalize Legally but not in Stripping her totally , I Strongly Condemn that,

  35. if u av ever been robbed, you’ll not say they should allow her go. the situation of things does not only affect her but about 80% of nigerians are living in abject poverty but how many percent of them go rubbing. my dear people, lets call a spade a spade, a thief a thief and let justice be done on anyone who robs either by pointing a gun or by using a pen.

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  38. Bcoz dz Lady was cut in d middle of hudlums dosnt make her a criminal. She migt b a victim of circumstance, infact an inocent person. care shld b taken jumping into treating peaple like this.

  39. The judgement that has been passing on other that are such act should be pass on her also,she deserve that in all level

  40. Unclothing her is senseless; and those who did that are not responsible at all. How many of those irresponsible leaders who cart away with our billions have they uncloth? This is not natural justice, equity or good conscience. Would you like your friend, sister or mother be seen on the media like this? What she and her gang did is by no means right but did the mob do the right thing?

  41. What is being done in this country is completely out of sense its not in accordance with either the constitution nor our religion, why striping a human being naked, at all there is no respect for humanity and all those involve should be prosecuted accordingly.

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  43. But stripping her is it d best thing? She’s been caught,allow d law 2 take care of itself. Let’s stop takin law in2 our own hands,it’s not fair.

  44. Robbery is evil, but stripping a woman in public is another evil did of great magnitude. It is an insult to womanhood, motherhood and humanity. It is base, shameful, mean and dishonourable. We should learn to respect the dignity of person/s. The perpetrators of such dastardly act are also guilty. We have laws in the Land.

  45. Fake news!! Old story and stale pics of a female who stole handset in ghana years back,.. totally has nothing to do with Abuja Nigeria!!


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