Photo: Coffin-Bearing Activists Protest the Introduction of N5,000

Another surprise blow was seen as activists protest against the introduction of the N5000 note by carrying a coffin explaining the coffin  signifies the death of the policy.
The placards bore inscriptions such as “Nigerians do not need N5,000 note”, “Jonathan! Nigerians say no to N5,000 note; it is evil”, “Nigerians are wiser than Jonathan and his team”, “Sanusi – Mr. Central Bank; we thought you were wise”, among others.
The leader of the team, Mr Ihekaire said, “The Federal Government wounded the masses through its ‘wicked’ fuel price hike, now is an attempt to bastardise our currency with no recourse to the masses. “Who told them that currency printing is the masses’ desire? I submit that this administration is lazy, wicked, callous and insensitive to the yearnings of the masses”.


  1. I have said it before dat jonathan is a big fool. And people will say i’m insulting d president ,
    now tell how can a reasonable president approve what sanusi dat foolish cow frm d north has tabled to him,? I am even tired of dis con3 tired of this foolish president we have, i’m pratically feed up with every thing about nigeria..


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