National Inquirer Front Cover Reveals Brad Pitt’s Fear As Angelina Jolie Allegedly Has ‘Deadly Liver Damage’

The new issue of The National Enquirer is out! This latest issue carries some explosive stories that are bound to keep readers interested. It features a cover story about Brad Pitt “freaking out” over Angelina Jolie’s alleged liver damage, as well as an exclusive story about former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky’s tell-all-book that is tagged ‘her ultimate revenge on Bill’. Apparently, the last has not been heard about the Lewinsky and Clinton sexcapade inside the Oval office!


  1. something is fishy. Why are these pple always waste away with one diseases or the other? What kind of things has she been taken dt trigerred this now? Am really feeling for her.

  2. I pray she’ll see reality in life and death and turn to the creator. “If you accept Him, He will in no wise cast you out”… That’s the bible.


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