Nasir El-rufai’s Confession: “I have Never Heard Of Ice Prince”

Ordinarily, this should not come as a surprise considering the fact that former FCT minister, CPC henchman and egg head, Nasir El-rufai, is a very busy man who barely has time to listen to hip hop.

A follower of the very outspoken politician on twitter asked if he was friends with rapper Ice prince and the minister responded by saying, ‘never heard of him.’

What elicited the question was Ice prince’s new single ‘Aboki’ (a Hausa term for ‘friend’) where he mentioned El-rufai among others, as his friend. Perhaps the former minister knows Panshak Henry Zamani not Ice prince.

But seriously, who doesn’t know Ice prince?



  1. people are very very stupid ooohh,,who be ice prince when e come b must to know amm,,even bill gate sef no be everybody know am,,talkless of ice prince,,,him dey share money?

  2. I asked my dad if he knows ice prince, and he replied and I quote “never heard of him”. Ice prince is mostly known by the youths.


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