Muslims Stage Protest in Katsina Over Anti-Islam Film

In Katsina yeasterday, thousands of Muslims under the auspices of Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky took to the streets to stage a peaceful protest to express their anger over the blasphemous movie and cartoon made against the personality of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (SAW). Similar protest was held in Kano last week.

The protesters commenced the peaceful procession from the Juma’at Mosque, Kofar-Soro in the state municipality around 9 am. They went round the state capital through Darma quarters to Rafin-Dadi through Mobil filing station to Sabuwar-Kasuwa to Kerau through General Hospital and back to Juma’at Mosque.

Addressing the protesters, the leader of the movement in Katsina, Sheikh Yaqub Yahaya Katsina condemned the movie and cartoon, saying “both the movie and the cartoon were made deliberately to provoke Muslims and therefore we condemned them entirely. Muslims would not fold their arms watching few individuals attacking the holy sanctity of the Prophet of Islam in the name of freedom of expression.”

“To Muslims, the integrity of Prophet Muhammad is above everything in this world and therefore no one in this world can attack him and go scot-free. Islam is a wise religion, and its followers are respecting other religions, hence followers of other religions should also respect Islam. Because of the existing cordial relationship between Muslims and Christians in Katsina, we have invited our Christian brothers to join us in the protest. I am sure those responsible for the production of the movie and cartoon were not true Christians.”

The anti-islam movie has stirred protests in many parts of the world with some ending ugly. So far in Nigeria, all related protests have been peaceful.


  1. Just make sure u dnt do anything silly. If mohamed is a god let him fight 4 himself. D video dint mention anybody but mohamed so no need of all dis kilings and destructions. Let mohamed fight 4 himself as a god. I dnt tink if smtin like dis is done to d christians they wil react in any way. So, lets maintain our calm. Salam

  2. They know hw passionate about the religion and they know we would also vouch for even jesus if they attack him so dey are jst out dere to stair us… Look here ::Islam remains d truest in d world, the more U fight it the more it grows strong, check what happend after sept 11….

  3. They more U fight d light d more it shines…we will defeat U, Islam will submerge all its enemies… The problems most of d crirtics of islam hav is dat dey hav never had encounter with d ‘Guide’ ‘ Quran”… The truth shines out of it Ur physicality may deny it bnut ur concience will uphold it…try reading Quran 2day


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