Maid Accused of Molesting Baby In Abu Dhabi

Be careful when you get a nanny for your baby. Some are sick; or what would a sane grown-up want with a baby of just some months old?

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department in the United Arab Emirate(UAE) announced on Saturday that an Asian maid has been charged to the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance on charges of physical abuse, s*xual harassment and endangering the life of her employers’ child.

The maid allegedly put the life of the less than one year old boy in danger by even sitting on him while harassing him, the statement said.

not exact picture

Investigations into the case began after the boy’s father filed a complaint that his son had been molested and beaten by their maid. The man reported to authorities that his wife had watched a surveillance tape of the maid taking off the child’s and her own clothes while the parents were away from home.

What kind of punishment can be enough for this maid if found guilty? What a strange world we live in.


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