In The Spirit of The Mber Months!

In no much of a time, the year 2012 is fastly coming to a halt. Sooner than soon we shall begin to master the art of writing 2013 and no longer 2012 in our exercise books for students, in our memos for those in the labour market and in receipts for those in the markets and so on and so forth. What a year it has been thus far. Do I need to make that expressly clear here? Oh! I guess not. One need not be acquainted with the media to know that the year 2012, has left indeliible marks on the face of our common existence both as individuals and colectively as Nigerians. It started with a late xmas gift from this government that pretends to be alleviating the plight of the common man but on the contrary chastizes him with whips and scorpions in the name of an economic opium called subsidy removal. They  assured us of a better Nigeria once we agreed to this idea. Even though it took us weeks to finally tender our acceptance albeit not unanimous, we are still left obfuscated, flabaggersted and overwhelmed as this agenda has succumbed to the already established precedent of cheat by a government that is supposed to be leading by example. Well that’s not we are here to discuss today. Other paramount occurences this year worthy of mention thus far are, the occupy nigeria quandrum, the myriads of bomblasts that has left us all dazed like butterflies bitting against lighting bulbs at night, a nation that has suddenly gone broke but euphemised instead for cash flow problems by the coordinating minister of the federation, the dana plane crash that forced tears out of tear ducts of the average nigerian, the farouk-otedola miasma………oh! If  I continue to do the listing, then the object of this piece wont be done.

Eight months has come and gone each with its own peculiarity, but then alas we are now already into the last four months that will crown the year completely. And of course they are the months of september, october, november and december. Call them the months of doom, you will not be far from the truth. Each and everyone of us knows that these months, despite the blessings and festivities that it is enclaved with, the other side of it is something no one wants to behold. What am I trying to say? Yes! The mber months as they are fondly called, they say are the most bloody of the calendar year. It is always received with joy amidst sorrow and fear. Lets now let the cat out of the bag. These months always record the highest number of road accidents on our highways and many other such fowl news not good to the ear unlike as is recorded in the months preceeding them.

Two days ago, a friend sent me an sms wishing me thus: “death shall not be your portion this mber months, you shall surpass every trouble that will come your way this mber months…….” And so the wishes continued in torrents. After going through, I managed a question to this effect: what is it about these mber months that it receives this magnitude of hype and fear? It is a question I havent been able to answer not even durring the course of writing this piece.

The current broadcast messages, littered across the social media are all testimonies to my text message scenerio depicted above. We all must have received countless messages from friends and relations wishing us well these mber months.  For the records, let me be clear here that we all receive goodwill messages at the birht of each new month, but then there is a drastic difference in the content and context of the wordings as those contained in the mber months wishes.

Ironically enough, my birthday happens to fall among these months and am preety certain, it is also same with many of us out there. At this juncture; let me wish all those celebrating their birthdays this mber months, best wishes and many returns to see another of its kind and least I forget, including I the writer.

As we marood through these months, success shall be ours, the enemy shall not see us, the bullets of the enemy, our bodies shall betray, our glory and blessings shall be multiplied in jesus name. Amen. What ever it is that is to come but of the negative, we shall not be parties to such, the wickedness of this government anchored on harsh policies that benefits not the common man shall become blessings for us against their wish because we believe in the lord who is our utmost provider in times of our dire needs.

Its 2nd of september already, and we are left with some one- hndred and twenty days before we say goodbye to this hell of a year. It is my humble prayer that we shall all be doing so in one piece. While we await for the Baban salah and the yuletide season, let us set our gaze to the task at hand in building and ensuring a better Nigeria for ourselves and generation yet is the mber months but we shall see the end of it all. Somebody say amen!!!




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