Ibori Moving Closer to God in UK Prison

As the bible passage goes: “…old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new”. This might be applicable to the life of the former Delta State Governor, James Ibori as latest information about him from the prisons are revealing that he is now moving closer to God.
Mr James Ibori, it is reported now carries the Bible always wherever he goes. A

UK prison source notes that “… he is no longer the same. From the way he now talks, it seems old things have passed away and all things have become new. I observed that he said a little prayer when he alighted from the prison van and when he was standing in the dock. I heard something like ‘God is in control’ from him as he walked away from the court. He was really looking very sober, I think he may have become a born again Christian.”

The former Delta State Governor was also reported to have recently told one of his relatives in a message that he has been reading and studying the message of the Bible as well as engaged in fervent prayers in the prisons.

The prison source also added: “Ibori inferred in a censored message he sent to one of his relatives who interacted with me that he spent most of his days in detention reading the Bible and praying fervently. He said he has fasted about four days in prison. He described his prison cell as being okay but not too comfortable.”


  1. Thank God 4 him. I think this is normal, people always get close 2 God in their times of need. No lele, God is not man; and that’s d only reason why we may not dismiss this outrightly as hypocritical.

  2. Pls o dy should realese him 4 God sake he cn stil b d saviour to d urobo nation. Uduaghan hope u dy hear d tori o repent nw or urs wil b 4rm a sina to a pope.

  3. C the yeye man. I believe he wants to be parolled so he can get out of prison faster on account of good behaviour….nonsense. He chop naija’s money finish and some pple feel pity for him….even the bible sayz u shall reap wat u sow. bcmin born again doznt change anytin. God might av 4gvn him bt dt doznt mean dt he wouldnt or shouldnt reap the consequences of his actions.


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