Harsh Punishment: Wife Bites Off Husband’s Manhood Over Infidelity Claims

A woman in Otukpo, Benue state yesterday became the talk of the town after she allegedly bit off her husband’s penis after she claimed he was cheating on her.

Mrs Rosaline Ajene claimed her husband was not faithful to their two-month old marriage, and took matters into her own hands.

According to eyewitness account, trouble started when the 24 year old wife confronted her husband for having an affair with a young lady (name withheld) somewhere in Sabon Gari area of the same town. The husband who was enraged at the manner with which he was confronted gave the wife the most horrible beating of her life as residents of the area came out to separate the fight.

“After the fight had ended, we all thought trouble was over and that the couple would settle at last, only for us to wake up this morning to have discovered that Mr. Ajene was rushed to the hospital first thing this morning with a deep cut on his manhood. We were told by the nanny that the wife who went to bed with the husband last night after the fight had bitten off the husband’s manhood in the night and had since escaped to an unknown location” the witness said.

Speaking to a correspondent of The Daily Post in Otukpo; the 10 year old nanny, Josephine had described the cut as unimaginable. According to her, “When I heard the shout, I ran out to the sitting-room, and I saw my aunty with a big bag running out, while uncle was shouting in the room. It was around 1 am, and I couldn’t do anything to help the matter. I swear, the thing was almost falling off. ” she said.

Mr Ajene has been admitted to a hospital, and family members have admitted that there might be no police investigation for personal reasons.


  1. It is terrible. The wife should have desolve the marriage instead of this terrible act. Married men should please stop cheating on their wives. I pray for a quick recovery for the man.


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