Kourtney Kardashian Pulls Baby Out Of Her During Delivery [Photos]

I was going to scream, ‘what was she thinking?’ Then I realized, oh! She is a Kardashian, whatever. But seriously, spreading your legs wide open with all the camera lights beaming and flashing down at your ….? Please, what else won’t the Kardashian family do for fame or ratings and automatically, more money?

In last night’s grand finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the television audience and entire clan witnessed the birth of little Penelope Scotland. It was no different from what you’d expect but for the fact that Kourtney turned a matron in her own childbirth.

Sisters Kim and Khloe, brother Rob, younger half siblings Kendall and Kylie, mother Kris Jenner and long-term boyfriend Scott Disick were all inside the delivery room to see Kourtney pull the little girl out with her hands.

Warning! The Images you are about to view are not suitable for generally viewing hence, proceed with caution:




  1. Her underneath big reach dat one?
    Na wa O.
    See as persin dey commot load like say na portmanto wid left luggage e dey find.
    Her husband try O.

  2. Dat’s 1 reason why i love her..she’s so strong.i neva hear of any woman wer dey borne like dis.she did dsame for her first child,mason dash


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