Fight Anyone Who Says You Look Like Omo Baba, Taribo

We were told he’s the ugliest Nigerian celebrity, but who cares about looks when he has money?(Did I just speak your mind?). Fagade Olufemi Ademola popularly known as Omobaba is one of the most successful comedians in Nigeria, although we’ve not heard much from him lately. No thanks to his looks, fans think he should be regarded as the ugliest celebrity in Nigeria. If they are right, how worse would things have become if he was affected on Sunday, April 29 when he escaped a fire outbreak around GRA, Ikeja, Lagos. His car caught fire while he was on his way to City People Awards show he was billed to perform at.

Another celebrity we believe should contend with Omo Baba for this accolade is ex-super eagles defender, Taribo West. Despite the dreads he tried using to make a fashion statement, his looks still didn’t impress anyone. Hardly does anyone know where Pastor Taribo is now, but we can never forget his looks.

Good thing is they all marry beautiful ladies and born cute kids. The looks could well end with them. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder like they say. But which other celebrity can compete for top spot?


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