Father Shoots Son Dead In Failed “Bullet Proof” Charm Test Gone Fatal

I would have thought that if you get a charm that allegedly turns you into a living ‘bullet proof’ beign you’d test it first on yourself and nobody else. Well, Ornguga Adega, of Agbatse village in Kwande local government area of Benue state will be realizing that too late now.

In a bid to test the potency of his newly acquired bullet proof ‘juju’, Ornguga Adega had shot his only son dead  while conducting a gunshot test on the boy. According to news reports, the alleged suspect was immediately arrested by men of the Benue State Police Command and is currently facing trial at a Makurdi Chief Magistrate Court.

According to the First Information Report, FIR, by the police, the suspect and father of the ten- year- old had, in August 2012, bought some charm from a native doctor with the belief that it was potent enough to prevent the penetration of bullets into his body. He was said to have rubbed his ‘bullet proof’ cream on the body of his son in order to verify  its efficacy and potency in line with the instructions of the native doctor from whom he bought the charm.

According to the FIR,  Adega fired a shot with his single barrel gun on the right leg of his son which resulted in pellets from the bullet shattering the leg and also penetrating through to the left leg. The boy was said to have bled profusely but before his shocked and devastated father could get proper medical attention for him, the little boy bled to death.

When the case came up at the Makurdi Chief Magistrate Court, police prosecutor, Inspector Gabriel Egbonyi, said the accused was arrested at the process of investigating the cause of death of the young boy.

Egbonyi further told the court that the accused confessed to committing the crime and also acknowledged responsibility for the unfortunate incident which prompted further police  investigation into the matter.

Meanwhile no plea was taken for want of jurisdiction. However the prosecution said investigation was still in progress in the matter and asked for another date for hearing.

The Chief Magistrate, Mr Dan Ogoh, ordered that the accused be remanded in prison custody and adjourned the case to 12 September.

The case is as clear as daylight but we will just have to let the law complete its cycle of justice. That man is not fit to be called a father and deserves the same punishment: he should be tied to a stake, the ‘bullet proof’ cream rubbed all over his body and then, hot lead pumped into his body, maybe it might just work this time around.

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  1. Last time it was OPC, now it’s Tiv in Benue. It’s only God that can offer such antidote. Believe in God and keep his words and see bullets repelled whenever directed on you.


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