Cruel: Jealous Lover Sets His Woman on Fire (Graphic Image)

A 35-year-old lady, Janet Udegba, has told the touching s how her live-in lover poured fuel on her and set her ablaze in Ikotun area of Lagos State.

The lady claims her lover, Mr. Kehinde Adesamuye, 39, set her on fire because he was angry and jealous over her relationship with other men. She said she had been at the place where she does her business of selling cooked Indomie when kehinde came and poured petrol on her before setting her on fire.

Janet however pleads with Nigerians not to let the lover go scot free with what he has done to her. In her words ‘’My husband has always been jealous. He used to beat me every time, under any guise and excuse… I’ve tried several times to leave him, but he always threatens to harm me. I stayed with him because I was afraid of him and my life. He always told me that I could never escape from him, except I leave Lagos State. Anytime I said I was leaving him, he would say, no problem, but that he would do something to me which I would not forget. Now, see what he had done to me. He wanted to kill me.”

It is indeed surprising the extent to which people can go some times, all in the name of love. The person who has done this kind of thing to this woman definitely deserves to be dealt with accordingly.


  1. we have to be very careful. don’t fell in love because of money or because the person is hard man. because one day it will use aghast u. seek for ur love not martirltings

  2. U can only respect a man,nt 2 b afraid of him,bcos he knew dat u were afraid of him dats y he culd do dat 2 u,may deres sometin byond jealousy,a reasonable man will nt do such 2 d one he claims he luv all in d name of jealousy, dats crazy,he nids 2 b delt wit 2.


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