Charly Boy Reveals His Alter Ego Named Linda In New Photos

How many 61 year old grandfathers do you know that are one tenth as controversial and out spoken as Charly boy? Anything he does makes news headlines and that does not stop him from withdrawing into his shell – rather, he comes down hard on his critics especially when his clarifications seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

This time around, the areafada has revealed his alter ego whom he calls Linda. Proudly describing his alter ego as a good and virtuous woman, he gives an insight on Linda’s persona.
“this is not me! This is not Charlyboy! This is Linda. Linda is my Sister. She is a very good woman, and can be so nice to you if you get close. Have you met Linda before? No, you just saw Linda some few minutes ago, but you do not know her. If you know Linda, you will hate Charlyboy. Yes, you will continue to hang around Linda.” He said.

Does that sound weird enough? Wait till you read his shocking revelation in a church sometime last month in Abuja where he gave the difference between Charles oputa, Charlyboy and Linda.

Stressing that Charles Oputa is that responsible family man, with eight children and 12 grand children. Charlyboy, he said is never allowed to Mr. Charles Oputa’s house, referring to Charlyboy as a creation and a character. According to Charlyboy, there is a woman in him whose name is Linda. It is that Linda that wears make-ups.  He said that Linda directs him on how to be compassionate like women. He stated that Linda was responsible for all the humanitarian works he had done over the years. According to him, without Linda, he couldn’t have done all that.  “Linda was created to have to be compassionate like a woman” he asserted.

See more pictures of Charlyboy Linda…


  1. He is truly a deluded mind to believe he is all these 3 entirely different persons. The fact is the 2 other characters i.e ‘Charly boy & Linda’ are actually demons & evil spirits who have taken possession of ‘Charles Oputa’ the 3rd character, that is what he has jst said but only in another way. He needs our pity & prayers.

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