Awkward Moment: Wedding Is Halted After Best Man Loses Bride’s Wedding Ring At Altar

I can only imagine the look of frustration that would have been written all over the bride and groom’s face when the former’s wedding ring was accidentally dropped by the best man and couldn’t be found. Earlier, Matt Aubrey had reached into his pocket at his brother’s wedding and both rings were there, but as the service began, a small ‘ping’ rang out through the church as he dropped one of them.

His brother Lewis, 31, and the  bride Elizabeth Gray, 29, stopped the service as they tried to find it.

Flower displays were pulled apart and the carpets lifted as the red-faced best man and guests searched on hands and knees at St John’s Church in Redhill, Surrey, but the ring was nowhere to be seen.

Initially, they thought the ring would be found quickly so as to get on with the ceremony but the more time that went by, the more people came from the congregation to look. There were ushers lying on the floor, people lifting up carpets.

After ten minutes of frantic hunting, Elizabeth’s mother offered the use of her ring so the couple could get married. After the service, guests continued the search but to no avail. However, when the vicar, the Reverend Nicholas Calver, returned to the church in the evening to search for another two hours, he spotted a tiny crack between the step up to the altar and the floor- and there he found the ring.

Moment Of Suspense: Groom Lewis Aubrey, Right, Looks Devastated As They Are Unable To Find The Wedding Ring At The Church Service In Redhill, Surrey
Down on his knees! The Groom Tries To Find The Ring But To No Avail. The Ceremony Had To Be Put On Hold For Ten Minutes Until The Bride’s Mother Volunteered One Of Her Own Rings


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