Yvonne Vixen to fight Oriental Hotel for Her stolen Car

It is obviosuly over a month that her Camry car was stolen at Oriental Hotel in Lekki but the celebrated  tv presenter still has the case burning deep in her veins. She was said to have taken to twitter yesterday expressing how angry she still feels about her stolen car and she expressed herself using the following words:

 “I’m ready for WAR. U can’t take what belongs to me and expect me to stay quiet for too long…They don’t want to be civil, then I’ll go STREET…Anyone who knows them should tell ‘em shit is about to get CRAY.
“I’m fed up!…How the hell should ppl feel safe in an establishment of that magnitude. U steal my property 2day, what will happen next time? Get raped in d parking lot?…Trouble sleep yanga wake am…u don’t mess with a wounded lioness.
“D hospitality business is meant 2 ensure safety & comfort.



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