Son Dies Chasing Father’s Kidnappers In Onitsha

A YOUNG man in his early twenties, Mr. Junior Egbunike, was, yesterday, confirmed dead following injuries sustained while pursuing his father’s kidnappers at the commercial town of Onitsha.

Mr. Amulunanma Egbunike was returning home with his wife and son simply known as Junior after the day’s business at the weekend in Onitsha and as they got very close to their house at the Onitsha Inland Town, hoodlums suspected to be kidnappers blocked his car and dragged him into their own car and drove off.

His son, who was driving his father’s car, pursued them with his mother also in the car. But barely 400 meters away, the car got involved in a head on collision with another car and both mother and son sustained serious injuries.

Junior, who had been in coma since the incident, gave up the ghost yesterday at a hospital in Onitsha, while his mother had been discharged from hospital.

With the death of Junior, the Egbunike family has lost the only child left, having lost the family’s only daughter some years ago.

Meantime, the kidnapped Egbunike is yet to regain his freedom.

Source: Vanguard Newspaper


  1. a fathr kiddnapd son dies in d proces.wao like is hurible.wht a misadventure.take hrt woman take hrt family God love u most


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