“Respect your president”, Azaiki Tells Nigerians

Professor Steve Azaiki (OON), a former Secretary to Bayelsa State Government, has urged Nigerians to always respect the sacred office of the President. Azaiki, in a release in Port Harcourt, on Thursday, frowned on reports in the media which bring disrepute and public odium to the office of the President.

Presently the National Coordinator of the National Think-Tank, Azaiki said recent insinuations and vituperations of some notable Nigerians against Mr President had gone beyond mere politicking. In his words, “In my opinion, politics should be played with decency and candour, it should not be seen as an opportunity to spread falsehood and diverse fabrications against a highly placed institution like the Presidency and the occupant of that position.”

As we all know, President Goodluck Jonathan has been at the receiving end of a lot of criticisms since the kickoff of his administration. In fact, he himself confirmed this recently, when he said he thinks that he is the most criticized president in the whole world.

So, should Nigerians keep quiet and remain silent if the president is making decisions that will affect their lives – either positive or negative? Recently, the opinions of Nigerians were sampled concerning the current condition of electricity supply in the country. In all fairness, most Nigerians thought the president has really tried in that regard; and they did not fail to shout this out to the world. But when the negatives outnumber the positives, what happens? Nigerians shout out again. Perhaps that is when some think that Nigerians do not respect the government.



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