Remove GEJ & Prepare For Another Civil War – Asari Dokubo Warns North

Former President of Ijaw Youth Congress, IYC, and leader of Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, NDPVF, Alhaji Dokubo Asari, has said that those scheming to remove President Goodluck Jonathan from office were fanning the embers of war in Nigeria.

He also accused Northern leaders of creating the atmosphere of insecurity in the country.

Asari, who addressed newsmen in Abuja, yesterday, recalled that the Isa Kaita, who he said represented a collection of Northern oligarchy, had prior to 2011 general elections, declared that they will make Nigeria ungovernable for Jonathan should he eventually emerged as President, pointing out that incessant bombings and killings credited to the North-based Boko Haram was the manifestation of the threat by Kaita.

Asari also said the North will be the greatest losers should the war begin. He said: “On Boko Haram, the North will lose. We are just waiting; they will push us to an extent where we will tell Goodluck Jonathan that he is on his own. But what will happen will be one that will be unimaginable in the history of the world.

“We will cut them (the Northerners) off from the world. We are capable of doing that. There will be no food and they will pay dearly for their actions. This war will be no joke. There will be no army to prosecute the war for them. When the war starts, other ethnic groups like the Yoruba will tell the North ‘you are on your own.’

“We are saying that nothing must happen to Jonathan because if anything happens to him, the world will know. The arrogance of Boko Haram is un-Islamic. The type of bomb they are using is small. If we begin to throw bombs, nobody will stay in Abuja.

“We don’t manufacture bomb but we will buy them and dynamites. I started armed struggle in the Niger Delta. It is because of Goodluck Jonathan that we kept quiet.

“But soon, we will not be able to guarantee our patience any more. If Ijaw people should retaliate, every household in the North will cry. It is the North that needs peace more than us. Everybody must impress it on them that they should sheathe their swords and drop their arrogance.”

Asari said it was an insult on President Jonathan for him to be asked by Boko Haram to convert to Islam or resign his position. He warned that the Ijaw nation will retaliate should anything happen to Jonathan.

He urged President Jonathan to urgently convene a Sovereign National Conference, SNC, which he said was long overdue, to determine the future of Nigeria amidst the ethnic nationalities.

Source: Vanguard Newspapers


  1. @Lucky or watever u call ursef..u must be very stupid..Dokubo is damn right..Do u think its so easy to tolerate nd endure all dese things dat’s happening in d northern side of dix country?infact, I must commend d southerners,they av displayed their level of maturity nd godliness so far. I’m nt in support of anoda civil war buh den d leaders in d north shud control their goats hence hmmmmmm.

  2. They’ve really crossed the hello kidi line, Asari we are with you, if war is what they want wiar they will have, we will not continue to leave in terror in our own land, telling the president to resign and convert to islam? Is way too mush of an insult

  3. I hv never known Asari was mad n illiterate…. In fact Asari is useless in a society nt even in his family if he mean this piece of shit dat he voiced out with his croco mouth n fish brain…. You will soon see ur bad faith against ur wicked heart… If u like it or if u didn’t like peace will reinstate itself in Nigeria…Mtswww

  4. musa u r d stupid person here. Even if it wl cost war i am in support cus no peace cumz wtawt war moreova d northerners hs provd dea wicked act 2 much

  5. some of us from the south have vehemently opposed and criticised GEJ’s govt but no uncircumcised idiot has any right to demand his conversion to Islam. We demand good governance from him. Asari is a militant and has spoken like one but do you blame him? If what BH is doing is what islam is all about then it is an evil religion.

  6. Yes asiri dat is tru we ve tried enough for bin patience with those animal,no peace for d wicked,he who kill by bomb shuld die by bomb,if there govenors and leaders cant handle dem,den they shuld be ready for war.

  7. Asari God Almighty will send you your bad intentions back to you. Hw can u open dat big mouth of urs and say ths. God punish you.

  8. I Keep Asking – Don’t We Have Muslims In Other Parts Of Nig?This Is A Pointer That These Nitwits From The North Are Just Religious And Cultural Extremists.They Say They Fight For ‘Allah’ By Carrying Out Genocide Against The Christains.Ain’t Surprised,As Nothing Good As Come From The North

  9. Wished This Never Happened – The February 1st,1914 Amalgamation Of The Southern And Northern Protectorates.Wished This Happened – The Orka Coup Of 1991,To Excise The North From Nigeria. These Sets Of Ignoramus Retard The Progress Of Nigeria: Meningitis,VVF,Desert Encroachment,Leprosy,Religious Extremists,Must-Rule-Syndrome…Nothing Good Has Come Out From The North

  10. @Musa or whatever those ur frnds call themselves. U are a Big fool, big one. I wish i can see U to kill. U guy bomb my Elder Sister to pieces in October 1st 2011. Let me tell U, i dnt even allow any Islamic Fool to pass by me, with out spitting at them. Yea Asari its a Must to Be in 9ja! Nigeria must break up… U & I will be Conscript into the BIAFRA Army, Airforce & Navy. Its Must happen because the Christians is suffering a lot. Its going to be a Religious War. [NORTHER & SOUTHER NIGERIA] Can U imagine the Shootings of Innocent Christians that took place @ DEEPER LIFE BIBLE CHURCH in Lokoja, Kogi State. Thats is a clear example of what is the Musa’s are doing…. Am not runing, am going to fight’ fight’ fight with THE BIAFRA MOVEMENT….. Do you know why Hilary Cliton is coming to 9ja? Is just to spark the War Up. Using grammers to decieve people that “She is coming to strength diplomatic relationship” Asari We are with U. Lets watch those evil Norther governors impeach GJE nd U will see that Niger Deltans is a no go area to fuck up their Democratic Peaceful presidential Candidate.. GJE LEAVES US LETS D WITH these Amajiries..

  11. we need war, nigeria must break, how long we are going to remain puppeted by the notherner who never see anything good of the southerners. somialisation wil soonest take place in nigeria.

  12. Asari my only problem is that we hv ova waited. Restless lif is not wth livin, if we r lets be if not let nigeria swep north to hel.Ppl r nw afrad of goin to chuch….Ther fada ther grand mama nyash..Idiots

  13. Lucky u are a 1st class NIT-WIT. 4 cryin out loud all diz crisis, are just strategies employed by so called anti-GEJ administration just 2 fustrated and jettison every goodplan he’z(gej) got 4 nigeria. Wel am glad dat somday, bokoharam sect wil b a thing of d past.

  14. Somebdy lyk Asari DOKUBO can nt b in NIGERIA nd d BOKOKHARAM wl b treatin GOODLUCK JONATHAN if BOKOHARGAM wnt war dey wl see war nw wen south south go start notherner go beg nw Gov.t is tryn tu as BOKOHARAM tu cease fire BOKO no wnt hear.Asari jez calm dwn ok

  15. Asari are u nt boko haram member,go and sit down,enjoy ur evil gain weath or u will face stiff opposition in ur region.

  16. The simple question I want to ask is dt ol ds dt u r talking about dt one person or some group of ppl dt are responsible for the d creation of a group which d media gave them d name BH. When did d issue of BH really started was it during GEJ’s time or it was dated back to Late Yeradua’s regime ? Let me help u out in case u have forgetten it was during late Yar adua’s era then who is talking about GEJ. Lets pause for a while and see if BH emergence is as a result of GEJ being in power or not. Who gave the ORDER to do away with the sect ? Relax it was late Yeradua. Why a u so narrow minded in ur quest… Be objective in ur reasoning and actions, pls. The second issue dt I want to raise is dt when Asari were doing what they know best then is it dt they were sponsred by someone or grp of ppl from the other part of the country to distract the then Government as u are claiming now. If dt is d case then it means u are afraid to reap what u have sore. May God guide us ol to understand the truth and follow it without any biaseness, amin.

  17. 1. Impeachment threat of gej
    2. Call on gej to resign
    The first was issued by the Reps, while the 2nd was made by BH and other individual Nigerians. Neither was any made by the North, yet the supposed region supremacists attribute both to the North and rained all sorts of unprintable abuses on Northerners……………..UHMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

  18. we all want 2 go 4 war but has it come 2 ur shallow nd credulous sense wat comes after d war? Am n’t a coward but i’ld like 2 live and tell ppl d story afterall!

  19. lying down resign for hope is madness.waiting aimlessly for peace to come is madness.if u wish for peace, prepare for war.the moon moves slowly but by the day break it crosses the sky.the Haram’s action has crossed the sky.their is no other room for endurance.until the rotten tooth is pooled out,the mouth must continue to chew with caution.isn’t better to die sooner than later if death is must.why are still suffering in this miserable?wasn’t Israelite that said it is better to” die than to live in bondage?” haram has made this country a bondage for the Christians. but just as the kingdom of God sufferet violence, the voilence taketh it by force.the christains are now ready to take it by force. the distance rumbling of tunder is an indication of rain fall.we have had enough warning from harams,we are ready now.just as the pope of all is almost in charge in Rome,that is how we the biafran boy will be incharge of this war when it comes.Prepare to meet doom the Haram members.the only thing is that these people are really shoe shinersand beggers.what really do they have to loose? but at least their lives and all these mess will stop.May jay be praised.

  20. We have delayed too much of time to declare the Niger Delta Republic.that is why this cows and namas are misbehaving. Thank you Dokubo for your usual courage. The south is solidly behind you.

  21. Asari Dokubo is just a treator infact he comes and goes he is never in support of GEJ government, he just came to arouse the violenece in people then atlast end of destroying millions of southern people. If you think am lying check his name his name is Alhaji Asari Mojahid Dokubo he is never i repeat never part of the southerners he lives in the north and spends most of his time there. Infact research has it that he is part of the people throwing bombs. Am a Niger delta person full born here and am not trying to inpersonate anybody but before you support anybody try to find out the background of that person.

  22. Hmm, asari made mention of war so easily bcos its a 3 letters word but not knowing the conquences of the war. Asari fails it right from his words, not talking about his action that is, so called war. Don’t under estimate the Northerns cos they are far beyond your baseless imagination.

  23. Asari or Asara what an irresponsible person are we don’t know that u there in Benin Republic planning a war agains the north thank GOD for exposing ur plan.for such a negative idea u should be awear of {:pD;(¿;>} knocking on ur door.

  24. Hahahaha, Dokubo asara u re a jocker. B4 u declair a war wit north, ask ojuku or the southern elders dat remain abt biafra, bagar dnt u tink we re worse dan b4. Ok wallahi tallahi we are ready on wat u are planning, jst do it nd see.

  25. @mc zoro.dnt deceive ur self abt d biafra war bc it ws us d middle belters dat fought d war ok dere ws notin lik hausas fighting d war n nw we r seek n tie of muslims messin dis country up i stand wit asari i foresaw d end of islam in dis country God help us.

  26. Mc Zorrow, u re a big fool, in fact u are an animal+s=animals, u guys are lucky dat Edo state has no access to ammunition, If they had u should have be roasting in hell by now……..useless animals..since u are asking for war, we give it to u in a trillion fold.

  27. Asari your donkey,a dronked ogogoro man,north is beyound the generation of ogogoro people like you and whose ever is behaind you ,stupid youbetter shurt off your rotting ogogoro mouth.


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