Photos: Giant Snake Killed In Egypt Red Sea

An extraordinarily Giant Snake  has been killed by a professional team of elite Egyptian scientists and qualified divers in Egypt. It was said to have been found in the Red Sea that killed 320 tourists and 125 Egyptian divers.

Names of scientists who participated in the process of catching the huge snake were:

D. Karim Mohammed, d. Mohammed Sharif, d. Mr. Sea, d. Mahmoud students, d. Mazen Al-Rashidi. And the names of divers who participated in the process of catching the huge snake were:

Ahmed leader, Abdullah Karim, fisherman Knight, Wael Mohammed, Mohammed Haridi, spears Alvajuma, Mahmoud Shafik, a full-Sharif. The Snake body has been transferred to in the Egypt morgue at Sharm El Sheikh international animal.


  1. How come this hogwash tale is not available on any of the mainstream media like CNN, BBC or Al Jazeera. With the internet people will continue to display boundless stupidity this whole thingy is utter gibberish!

  2. No records of any missing tourist or divers…it is not in the headlines of egyptian news talkless of cnn or bbc. The pic looks like a photoshoped work or even a small snake placed on a toy truck and the shot taken at close range…..TOTAL FAKE!

    • uti precious do u hv eyes at all do u know anitin about photoshopping jst short ur mouth n stop say rubbish, ur seeing a big snake n calling it photo shopping go to south american u see snakes dat are bigger dan dis

      • mr emmy, that thing is not a giant snake. i believed the story initially until somebody picked a whole in the picture.if you look at the truck well you will see a toy figure standing on top. they people who created the photos did a good job with the snake and the trucks but God made them to forget to remove the little toy figure from the top of the toy truck the photoshoped.

  3. Some people must be blind, the machine carrier was a toy, with the the soldier on it, my son have one of exactly the same make and model, the snake was super impose on the picture of the carrier, that’s why the snake looks bigger than the carrier. a real life carrier can take two bulldozers at the same time and still leave enough space for two hiace commuter bus on it conveniently, but the snake here is even bigger than the carrier, so judge yourselves, this is nonsense and the people that made the photo were not even good at it. i am a graphics designer and when i see a poor job i know it immediately, Naija!!!!!!!! don’t you all worry we will be stormy the country with good quality make real graphics for your movie industries soon…..cheers

  4. What a wonder people don’t just understand that this is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy where you set up a topic that will capture the audiences attention for instance the Aprils fools day is not there to make the person who fools you a fool or ignorant neither bad on his or her business. Here, the website owner knows exactly well the value he is getting on his or her website by writing a story that search engines like Google and Yahoo find a lot of comment streams. Like I am now commenting, it gives this website a great value. And on my end I hope to receive another value from my website left behind. This is SEO not even about the snake or the lorry or the news we need to hear. Do I need to talk of the dead tourists?

  5. well…
    africa has been incalcated with this stories that do not have truthness what are we,where are we going simply we are belivers on mthys and mystries that surprices the world fell….

  6. i thank God that the snake has been killed, this snake I no very well that God is the one that has allowed it to be killed, personally we don’t no how many people that the snake has killed, it possible the snake has cus alot of destruction

  7. this is real fake ,i wonder how on earth you think you can fool everybody.that dummy soldier should be removed and also the weigth of the snake is not making the truck traction obvious abi,bros work more on your graphic design cos you whack mennnnnnnnn.
    its people like you that give us bad name,why not fashion your talent to a more serious field.

  8. Pls we seríously need the authenticity and truth of this blog cos we hv heard much about it.suprìsly such a big effort was neither aired in local nor int’l media

  9. This is a poorly done photoshop,there is no way you’ll tell me that bulldozer is for real..can’t you see the toy soldier on it??dnt let ignorance blind you pls…if something of that size and has killed that much people is for real,it will be on the news…let’s use our head o.

  10. Wow! that was captivating. But this is all fake as a Geologist i know the importance of a Scale. In this case a Human being should have been a scale to show how large the snake is. But there is just a Toy on the second Picture which is absent on the others. if such were real, people will pay a fortune just to have a picture of this and post on the web.

  11. guys let u r views about this tale be anyway but this news really sounds interesting and thrilling
    MAY GOD RELIEVE THE SECRET BEHIND THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. recently i saw a black lion photo… which is also fake and it came in news too.. so soon u will get this fake news in tv or news.. and then u will know :D

  13. The fact is that if any such incident
    actually happened involving killing of
    so many people, it would have easily
    made into news all over the world, but
    there is no such incident reported.
    Therefore, the story that comes with the pictures is a hoax. If you watch the picture closely, the
    soldier standing on the truck in one of
    the pictures is not real, but simply a toy
    standing on a truck, which is again not
    real. The truck has a plastic look,
    unlike the real metallic one. The snake found on top of the toy truck could
    either be a real, but normal one placed
    on toy truck and is made to look
    gigantic using close range tricky
    photography, or is simply the result of
    photoshopping of an unreal rubber snake picture. Therefore, the so called amazing giant
    snake found in red sea is not real, but
    a hoax, which is generated mostly
    with an intent of attention.

  14. I’ll never believe this because, sometimes ago some people said a woman was buried with her babe in this same Egypt which was not true.

  15. We nigerians will never change. This is marketing strategy. Forget about the post. Nigerians will always be nigerians. I am so sure you guys will believe every damned posts you read right? GROW UP FELLAZ!!!

  16. If this is true then I say all those doctors and people who killed this creature are so damn stupid. Why to kill such an animal????????

  17. lots of laughs, hahahahahahah

    the siad it was killed at the red see, but the see there isn’t red. hahahahah,,,,,,,,,,,,


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