Photo: Tuface Hangs Out With Kids From Different Mothers

The latest actions of 2face has been giving fans some nudging as to what has caused the sudden change. Initially it was the proposition to Anne, and later he had a wedding that was far from what the populace expected of w world renowned singer like him. Presently he has been seen to be taking his kids, from different mothers, out at the same time and fans seem a little confused at his manner of drastic change.

What accentuated the confusion, as perceived from his twitter discussion, has been the fact that most celebrities don’t try to live that kind of settled life, but he, the one that was known to be a child donating genius, now has a life even an average Nigerian envies-settled.

That baby girl there is Isabel, Annie’s daughter. And the boys are Sunmbo’s kids.


  1. Free dat guy!!! He is d only guy dat obeys God’s commandment wen He said we shud go to the world and multiply….. Afterall he is takin gud care of dem rather than abandonin them


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