Photo: Train Crushes Peugeot Bus in Ikeja

An extremely sad incident was said to have occured this morning as a driver of a Peugeot J5 sent the occupants in his bus to an early grave. It was said that the bus driver was in a hurry to cross the rail tracks and ignored the fast moving train which was blaring its horn. This was said to have happened at ‘Ikeja.
It is truly a hightime for us to sensitize ourselves to live up like a civilized society and obey traffic light and road signs like we are meant to. Rushing, on no account, is never a better move, especially in areas where accidents of any sort can happen.
The bus driver has just wasted lives, simply because he wanted to beat the train to the chase. Nigeria has had so many cases of deaths in these past few months, ways of ending these calamities should be what we should be looking for and not fast ways.


  1. Sad, but if the Driver was not killed by the impact, he should have been lynched instantly, such people should not live. If my submission is barbaric I think if fits all these animals in Human Skin. MAY GOD CONSOLE THE. RELATIONs of the DEAD.

  2. The driver is dump nd deef cuz the Train kip blaring or wagging his Horn. Bt jx b,cuz of let me met up he has snd innocent soul’s tu their early mother earth. I hate such driver i hate them they dnt value liFE.

  3. we have some people who are killers of destiny, I pray we dont come accross them.The blaring of the train horn is even enough to send one off his feet. May the soul of the dead rest in peace.

  4. It will please me if that animal that was behind that vahicle wheels is prosecuted and killed by firing and his remains burnt and thrown into the lagoon.This is madness and should be condemned by all Nigerians and people of goodwill.
    Tony Okere.


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