[Opinion] Gay Rights And Global Warming

Global warming is real, there are clear evidences, but not everyone believes. Geoengineering, a scientific answer that offer temporary solutions, to prevent temperature rise of the earth to an irreversible level, is facing opposition because of its risks. Gay rights in our present world is touchy, many are revealing, expecting acceptance, for further legalization.

The trine have evolved in new ways that may not have been projected half a century ago. Scientists are shrieking the reality of global warming, people and communities are ravaged by climate change, geoengineering is increasingly seen as adoptable, and the sitting US President and his Vice, have voiced support for gays –- broadly Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.

Gay and sexuality is an area that can spark outrage, or cause a buzz over a person or organization that pinches or supports it. Just this week, the President and COO of Chick-fil-A, a US Chicken restaurant, Dan T. Cathy, was in the spotlight, because of his believe in traditional marriage.

He is a Christian and believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. This and his organization’s stance against gay marriage, that saw them donate to groups working against legalization, made gay marriage activists call for, boycott of Chick-fil-A restaurants on August 1.

They called for protests and kissing in front of the restaurants, nationally. The organization came under criticism, with communities and universities seeking its withdrawal from their jurisdiction. Many have declared the restaurant unwanted in their communities, signaling new challenges for the business.

Sexuality stance, and donation to aligned groups, for a business is not advised, if overt. It will drive some people away and attract some others. People want services and enjoy products but may not favor products from an organization aligned. Gay right is a hotspot presently, and high profile people prefer to skirt their stance or put that ‘they should not be discriminated against.

Gay people are like a powerful minority, fighting for acceptance. A number of US states have legalized gay marriage, and churches are advised to join gay partners. Gay rights supporters already have some attention, but will have to wait some years or far into the future to see a global reality for their dreams.

Gays understand issues people have with their sexuality, but want people to reason with their realities. Gay folks will likely be cool with “a freedom to certain personal choices, within the law and passed into law”. Gays are unlikely to discriminate against people of a religion that don’t attack their sexuality.

Gays are also likely to support certain subject that most people are expected to immediately rebuff. Gays will likely support geoengineering, a proposition that is harder to accept, than to believe in its firebrand, global warming. Gays, currently battling legalization and further acceptance, may not have the will, to tear geoengineering, in opposition.

Geoengineering is not in line for large scale-deployment soon, but work is ongoing with research on policy and technicalities. Geoengineering has too many possibilities for bad and for good, with people and the earth. It is contested as a usable stopgap, if mitigating global warming-causing emissions, fall short.

Geoengineering is coming for the necessity and the reality that global warming may maltreat the earth within a foreseeable future, with no alternative for ease but it. Most people believe in global warming, or simply, understand that recent weather anomalies may be tied to it, most gays too believe. Gays want the rest of us to see from their glasses, but whether we do or not, substantial opposition to global warming and geoengineering is not expected from gay folks.
By David Stephen


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