“My father wanted to kill me ”: 14-Year-Old Cries Out after 7 Years of Abuse

An Ekiti State-born bricklayer, 45-year-old Elijah Olusesi, was apprehended by members of the O’odua Peoples Congress (OPC) for allegedly having carnal knowledge of his 14-year old daughter since she was seven. This took place at Adiyan, a community in Ifo Local Government, Ogun State.

Elijah’s wife (Shade) had reportedly fled to Adiyan when the purported act between her husband and their daughter started. He was subsequently banished from the community, after he allegedly confessed to the crime, and he was paraded for all members of the community by the OPC.

Shade claimed to have reported the incident to her in-laws when she caught her husband in the act with their daughter, but was begged. She also told the community that her husband equally begged her and promised that he will not repeat the shameful act again, noting that to her surprise, she found out that whenever she was not at home, her husband would continue the act with their daughter.

Elijah had been exposed when his daughter ran out naked in the middle of the night and was held by security men protecting the community. After interrogation, the 14-year old girl confessed she ran out naked because her father wanted to kill her with sex.

According to her “I ran out when my father wanted to kill me with sex. He has been having sexual intercourse with me since I was seven years old and my mother knew about it. My mother and I ran away from him to come and hide here but we don’t know how he was able to trace us down here.”


  1. The mother is partly to blame. If after reporting to her in-laws and nothing changed,she should have gone to the community elders or police. May God wipe out evil people like him. Such people should be killed or they’ll stain our generation!

  2. The mother of that girl, is to be blamed… She ought to have reported the husband to the police,as soon as she heared what has been happening under her nose.. But she chose to run away…

  3. Sumtims des yoruba pple can b very disgusting even their old men & monarchs..they can hav sex wit any animal n skirt be it dre daughter or mother inlaw.yulk

  4. Nigerians are coming. If we don’t repent soon there will be holy wedluck between fathers and daughters or between mothers and sons. Yet it is not a crime in nigeria constitution even to sleep with a 7 year old girl or daughter and the parliament have no time for that but for the monies they will steal into their pockets. OPC is now DPP. (director of public prosecution) Wonders will not end yet. Inspite of all the religious messages bombing on radios,tv, buses and everywhere yet,evil is still at the peak. May God deliver His people.

  5. THe mother should be blamed! And the fool who carried his baby when she was born and then turns round to see her as a sexual object shouldn’t? UMU NWOKE, why is it always the woman? Why can you not accept that sadly God made you lower than animals, after all animal no dey chuk im own pikin!
    Have you ever heard of a woman having sex with her son?
    Guys gimme a break!
    Disgusting, revolting, animalistic, depraved, unacceptable, that’s what what this man did is.

  6. D mother of this child is a very stupid fellow…If shez no longer interested in her marriage, she wuld hv @ least considered d life of her daughter and d effect this wicked and inhumane act will have on her…


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