Mass Murderer Anders Breivik Defiant As Court Sentences Him To 21 Years

Norwegian right-wing fanatic Anders Behring Breivik was today sentenced to 21 years in jail for mass murder.

The militant extremist killed 77 people in a shooting and bombing spree on an island off his native Norway last July.

Unrepentant: Anders Breivik makes a fascist salute as he arrives in the Oslo courtroom today to hear the verdict

Breivik, who will serve a minimum of ten years in prison, was jailed after a court in Oslo ruled that he was sane at the time of the murders and should go to prison rather than to a mental hospital.

Carnage: The aftermath of the Oslo car bomb planted by mass killer Breivik

Under Norwegian law, his ‘preventative detention’ sentenced can be extended for as long as an inmate is considered dangerous. Breivik will now be taken back to the prison, where he has been held in isolation for most of the time since his arrest.

He could, however, challenge the ‘”preventive detention’ sentence every five years

It would be recalled that Breivik’s shooting spree lasted for more than an hour before he surrendered to police.

Face of A Remorseless Murderer

He even had the guts to make a fascist salute? This guy deserves the gas chamber or better yet death by hanging. Haba!


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