Experts Worried As Number Of Young Women Seeking Surgery Increases

The hour-long procedure which was originally popular with patients suffering from incontinence or a sagging of the vaginal canal following childbirth, is now more widely used for cosmetic purposes to either to enhance the appearance of the genitalia or boost sexual satisfaction and experts are increasingly concerned that the number of young women seeking vaginal rejuvenation is on the rise.

While the average age of those requesting the surgery is between 30-45 some doctors are concerned the trend is causing teenagers to become increasingly ‘misled or confused’ about what is normal.

‘I heard of a mother taking in a 16-year-old and 11-year-old wanting to get it done. It’s just not right,’ Dr Iglesia, a Washington, D.C., gynecologist, noted in an editorial in the June issue of the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Critics believe it is yet another service aimed at women pursuing an impossible ideal of physical perfection, and surgeons say the majority of patients have been influenced by internet pornography and the media industry.

This June, Jessica Canseco, one of the stars of a reality show on VH1 called Hollywood Exes, underwent vaginal laser rejuvenation while the cameras rolled

Despite the high risk associated with this procedure such as infections, scarring, pain and the loss of the very sensations some patients seek to enhance, patients are more than happy to proceed with surgery, as they are sold on the idea of having a ‘designer vagina’.

There is nothing we’ll not hear from this oyibo people. I am certain very soon the procedure will become popular among Nigerian female celebrities and aged mamas who have refused to accept that they are old and some of these things come with the territory.



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