Enough of the Beef!: Fulani Threaten to Withdraw Cattle from Market

The Kogi State chapter of Miyette Allahi Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, during the weekend, threatened to withdraw its animals from the state markets over harassment and arrest of its members by the police.

Alhaji Shuabu Idrisa chairman of the association, made this clear after stakeholders meeting between Fulani Ardos and Miyette Allah cattle breeders on problems affecting them. According to the Fulani, the threat to withdraw cattle had become necessary as a result of the way security agents were arresting their youths, women and cows in the event of robbery on the highway.

According to Idrisa, “If there is any robbery on the highway, security agents will swoop on all Fulani settlements in that area and arrest [the] people, including cows. But when a bank is robbed in town, people of the town are not arrested… Also, once they see any Fulani man ridding Okada, they will arrest him, calling him Boko Haram and, in the process, extort him.”

He added that they were made to pay huge sums of money to secure their release, a development, he said, had made some of its members to move to South-West, where they are not harassed or taunted as Boko Haram. He also alleged that people always kill any cattle that mistakenly enter their farmland in the area.


  1. Nigerians lets be careful the way we handle issues. We should not allow sentiments affect our judgement & action. Every human being has a right to live & right to citizenship. This fulani’s (nomadic herds men) are also citizens of Nigeria just like you will find them in places like Brazil & USA.

  2. Wazobia, I share your sentiment. However, you will agree with me that VIGILANCE pays more than any other thing in Crime prevention. May I tell you from a vantage point, the Fulani youths have been taking advantage of the fact that their parents have license to carry Arms and are using these Arms to perpetrate crime. On ERUKU-EGBE road in Kogi State their activities, taking advantage of the poor state of the road, have killed several people, while Millions of Naira had been lost to them. Motorists now avoid the road passing distant IKOLE-AYETORO-PONYAN-EJIBA-EGBE road. Many have fled the Farms as they kill, Maim and Burn at any little altercation. You dare not LOOK or UTTER a word if their Cow stray into your Farm, at times your ordinary sighting the grazing helplessly offers you INSTANT DEATH. You may not believe it, we have had to bury many. The people have deserted the farmlands, at best people now farm within the vicinity of the Home. No more farming anywhere more than 2km away from home. And what can this fetch. They even kill at WAREWA bridge Lagos-Ibadan expressway(Retd Brigadier), what of Plateau State? MUST we call COW “BROTHER” becauase we want to eat meat? People of Kogi, eat chicken, rearr goats, rams,
    rabbits, guinea fowl, turkey and eat fish, you’ll be healthier and remain peaceful. Fulanis, must and will survive BUT check your Youths- we love WARA but its not worth dying for. MAY GOD SAVE US.


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