Emekuku Family Died Of Generator Fumes Not ‘Evil Spirits’ – Imo State Government

On Monday July 9th, the media was awash with the sad story of nine members of the same family that died mysteriously in their home. Neighbours and other family members attributed their deaths to ‘spiritual’ attack.

But in a counter opinion, the Imo state government said it has finally unraveled the mystery behind the death of the Emekuku family. According to the autopsy result released yesterday by the State Commissioner for Health, Dr Obi Njoku, they were killed by generator fume poisoning.

Sleep Of Death: The Emekuku Family

According to the commissioner, the family slept and forgot to switch off their generator set and subsequently died as a result of the generator fume they inhaled while asleep and not by ‘evil spirits’.

Very sad. A whole family wiped out in one fell swoop? Quite a number of Nigerians have died as a result of the same cause- carbon monoxide from power generating sets. If proper infrastructure was in place, this is one death that could’ve been averted. May their souls continue to rest in peace.


  1. May their souls rest in peace. Amen! Our leaders should do something to minimize the use of gen. set as power source. Hmmmm, they know the truth!

  2. see how proud and bold the story look,you people (our leaders) should be ashamed,we give light to countries that celebrate constant light while our ppl are dying of carbonmonoxide from generators.very funny…

  3. im very sure this is not as a result of gen fumes or whatever, if the government should carry out their investigations very well they will discover that it might possibly be food poison. please govt. should investigate this. how can 9 people died of generator fumes like that? it cannot be possible!


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