China Bans Ramadan Fasting

Authorities forbid Communist Party cadres, civil officials and students from marking Ramadan in mainly Muslim province.

Chinese authorities in the northwestern province of Xinjiang have banned Muslim officials and students from fasting during the month of Ramadan, prompting an exiled rights group to warn of new violence.

Guidance posted on numerous government websites called on Communist Party leaders to restrict Muslim religious activities during the holy month, including fasting and visiting mosques.

Xinjiang is home to about nine million Uighurs, largely a Muslim ethnic minority, many of whom accuse China’s leaders of religious and political persecution.

The region has been rocked by repeated outbreaks of ethnic violence, but China denies claims of repression and relies on tens of thousands of Uighur officials to help it govern the province.

A statement from Zonglang township in Xinjiang’s Kashgar district said that “the county committee has issued comprehensive policies on maintaining social stability during the Ramadan period.

“It is forbidden for Communist Party cadres, civil officials (including those who have retired) and students to participate in Ramadan religious activities.”

The statement, posted on the Xinjiang government website, urged party leaders to bring “gifts” of food to local village leaders to ensure that they were eating during Ramadan.

Similar orders on curbing Ramadan activities were posted on other local government websites, with the educational bureau of Wensu county urging schools to ensure that students do not enter mosques during Ramadan.

‘Administrative methods’

During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk and strive to be more closer to God, pious and charitable.

An exiled rights group, the World Uyghur Congress, warned the policy would force “the Uighur people to resist [Chinese rule] even further.”

“By banning fasting during Ramadan, China is using administrative methods to force the Uighur people to eat in an effort to break the fasting,” said group spokesman Dilshat Rexit in a statement.

Xinjiang saw its worst ethnic violence in recent times in July, 2009, when Uighurs attacked members of the nation’s dominant Han ethnic group in the city of Urumqi, sparking clashes in which 200 people from both sides died, according to the government.


  1. Subhanallah! D length ppl go!!!! So dy shld disobey their lord bcos the authorities say so…na wa o…ђat happened to all the human rights na? Human right activists no go see ds 1 o…

  2. Seriously?! What is the world turning to? How does ramadan warrant its own ban? It is a practice that encompasses peace, holiness….well, I guess they feel threatened by it all..kaafirs!

  3. Y all these to muslim umma. Walahi dey’ll continue their fast and not thing ‘ll happen. All the so called UN neva talk, but muslims react nw the whole world’ll shout terrorist.(Allahu qomi khafirinn)!

  4. This is how they browse for muslims trouble, no one talks now. It is when the muslims react that they will be terrorists. How can you ban somebody for practising his religion? It can’t happen insha Allah, because God’s law supersedes every other laws. Allah! Islam is yours protect it and the followers of it.

  5. I can see itz becoming clear dat da world is really trying 2 supress ISLAM,datz y dey are persecuting muslims.luk @ da situation in burma,nw china and nobody is saying anything about it,truly diz is a sign 4 dose hu believe…buh weda dey lyk it or not islam will dominate the World….inshaAllah

  6. Peace b upon you all the son’s of Adam n Eve(peace b upon them).
    its not a new thing .This is the test for all Momin how strong their Imaan r..some years back USA tried to suppress Islam but now loook the world fastest growing Religion(Islam) is spreading like the fragrance of roses in every americans homes and every1 accepting Islam(SUbhan Allah) very happy to see China will be the next garden of Islam(Insha Allah)..The beauty of islam is the more you try to suppress the more it erupts like a volacano..bcse it’s not a religion made by any human ..Its the laws made by the creator of the world i.e ALLAH..thr was a time in starting stage of Islam during our prophet time thr were only 313 Muslims who dont even have swords to fight…oppposite of them thr were thousands of non-believers with every killing arms n weapons in thr hands stood to vanish all 313 momins…The worlds ever gr8test victory which no human ever imagined ..313 muslims defeated thousands of non-Believers(Subhan Allah) …my Dear Muslims we r well protected by the lord of the worlds ALLAH..The only thing we have to do is make our Imaan more stronger n stronger then sure the help of Allah will come for us like the

    Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi(peace b upon him) when all europe tried it’s best to bring its whole army against the Sultan…No war in the face of this earth ever bring such large numbers of military force estimated more than 15 millions against Sultan ….Now history says SUltan won the battle so easily as if the europeans armies r like ash in front of him …

    Just just bcse Sultan is a True Momin….Never fear except ALLAH ..Obey Rasool ALLAH…forgive those who hurted you when they come for forgiveness likeour Beloved Prophet did when the Mecca battle won by him ..He forgive allhis enemies…

    My dear Muslims know ourselfs wht we r ….Then the world will come to who we r

  7. “The region has been rocked with repeated outbreak of ethnic violence”
    Why is it that regions where muslim faithful dominate is always a hostile community? Does Islam teaches violence? Just thinking aloud

  8. Why wont they be Banded. After committing several evils acts they begin to fast. This just the beginning. Very soon saudi Arabi will also be banded. I love UN they wont talk because you people are just useless to the entire world. Look at BBC news Violence every where and you call it Religion of Peace.

  9. Muslim my foot, foolish religion that preaches war,thuggery,promiscuity&accepting it by force.
    Go to google & see ur life, I don’t blame the senseless followers but the useless&promiscuos paedophile called himself mohammad what a pity!
    God Almighty will punish him wherever he might be but I believe is in the HELL FIRE . Stupid man

  10. The reason china banned muslims performing ramadan fasting is b/cos of the terrorist attacks being experienced with this religion. They said that they are 4 peace but inwardly brooding sucide bombers. See U.S ,nigeria, palestian, iraq, iran ,etc

  11. Let us be candid in dis matter,am not against any religion.but most of d terriosist in d world most islamist,but why we are al serving dis same God,let us join hands 2gether 2 make d world a beta place.

  12. Seeker U̶̲̥̅̊ beta watch Ɣø̲̣̣UЯ tongue b4 d calamity of Allah bfalls on U̶̲̥̅̊ A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ Ɣø̲̣̣UЯ household. Dnt U̶̲̥̅̊ dare insult our Prophet d Rosool of Allah (PBUH)

  13. For me it’s a pitty that pple who do not know anything about Islam open their mouths and say all sort of condemnable things about Islam, which as far as I am concerned is the ONLY true religion. That said and done, I want to first educate China that the attempt to suppress Islam and Muslims is coming rather late, because more that ever before Islam has followers in multitude of numbers, and a muslim is more in strenght than two non muslims. China so go back and check the record of how Islam triumphed, it is mostly in this kind of times when others are trying to suppress it. Therefore, I am confident that this move will only fuel Islam to flourish and blossom like never before, so thank you China for becoming the fuel and channel for the spread of Islam. An advice to all that do not accept Islam- Please if u like be born again a thousand times, but die not unless in Islam. Alhamdullilah

  14. Martins and Seeker you nothing but blind black pigs, who doesn’t believe in any true or claim divine guidance. to talk such a thing clearly shows that you were either borne out of legal wedlock or rather your parents are clueless and if at all they are good you are nothing but a big shame to them and surely must disown you.

  15. Islam is a religion of peace to those that have iman but its a religion of terrorism to those who will neva understand bcos d heart has already been hardened. May Allah save all muslims in this world from the hands of the oppressors. Allah be with us. Amiiiin

  16. i stand and believe 100% in what the “seeker” said: “islam preaches war, thuggery, promiscuity & accepting it by force”. there’s nothing to deny here, its all there for all to see. and need i add that islam is an enemy to freedom and human right.

  17. @MARTNS and SEEKER you guys better repent before it’s too late. You are saying such rubbish,insultive and provocative jargons against someone’s religion in your attempt to castigate such religion to be wicked. To every reasonable and sensible person you guys are 100 times worst than those so-called terrorists the reason being that those people are killing certain people locally{not that I support such act}but imagine how many people you guys are assasinating psychologicaly around the globe.So, you better stop fuelling the controversy. Though, as a matter of fact, if there are any activities that might led to violence the government has to stop such but not to the extent of banning of Muslims religion duty. When Meccans hindered the Prophet to enter Mecca then, He did not enter forcibly rather He turned back despite that He had power to enter. For you that do not know the fact, In our research we found that 8 of 10 places where violence took place were originated from injustice done to people and when they are fighting for thier right,though sometimes through wrong channel,people would then call them names. If you people are well enlighted you must have known that none is as terrorising the world as America itself…

  18. @seeker all i wil tell u is dis,may allmithy allah 4giv u 4 insultin mater wot muslim wil never insult jesus christ bcos we respcted him nd follow his preachin mre dan u christain do.try make a research on ur own nd knw who prophet muhamad is,can u tel me where in bibble jesus christ or mary was mentioned?in holly quran jesus christ appear 25 times nd a chapter 4 his mother(mary)surrah maryam.there is no religion in cristenity or worship of God,mind u i was once a christain b4 d ligth shine upon me(islam)nd i love been a muslim nd i wil die as a muslim.beter seek 4 4giveness b4 d end of dis ramadan 4 insultin d prophet or else repercution of d nonsence u vomited is awaitin u b4 d end of dis out!

  19. Nobody should condenm anybody here. If you can be sincere to yourselves and call a spade a spade you will know that Muslims preach peace but does not practice it. Where do you practice the peace, by violence? Allow vengence to flow, let Allah,God fight for himself. Practice your religion and do not add or subtract anything. Christians believes that their religion is the best and so do muslims. Stand wherever you are and do not shake, but please do not persecute others, I repeat, do not persecute others. China shouldn’t have taken laws into their hands nomatter what. Then the one happening in Nigeria now what do we call it? If you think your religion is the best, you are not suppose to persuade people to join. Do you want to gain popularity or to make the world a better place? LET US KNOW WHAT TO SAY AND HOW TO JUDGE.

  20. Seeker is seeking to be notice, Ukamaka, who gave Muslims the name terrorist? Best B.J, what is the name of God in your local dialect that you are saying Allah should fight if He is strong? Zetus, don’t believe in what people says but try to investigate and make comparize because you can be mislead by sentiment? Bole, it takes two to tangle that is if they are allowed to do things their way with respect and dignity, I don’t think they will react violently. Don’t you think so Bole? Andy, Islam is nor war but if you respect yourself and try not to force your believes and ideology on others, you will enjoy peace. Don’t you think so Andy? In essence, the comments by none muslims on this topics are the kind of things that lead to violence. Have you seen where Muslims making such Venomous comments on Christanity? Just a question to all those making/about to venomous comments on other people faith and ways of lives.

  21. Dear Sisters & Brothers in Islam, I just see this as another way to provoke muslims. Let’s not give them that chance. We have rights like all others and if that right is being supressed, Allah (SWA) would fight for us. He sees all and He alone knows the hearts of the heathens that are putting such rules. May Allah forgive us our wrong sayings. Allahu Gafurrul Rahim.

  22. No wonder if a follower of paul (liar) abused the true prophet as ur master paul instuted a base for abusing prophets and even god. U shud know that u must not be a follower of Jesus but rather an enemy of Jesus. Jesus will be a witness against u in the herereafter as ur master (paul) fabricated lies against him and u followed him. U better call ur self paulian intead of christian.

  23. Religion should be about conviction not coarcion or oppression. Chana should stop this violation of the fundamental human write to worship of the muslims. The UN should condemn this. I am a christian but I think why muslims are fighting is as a result of long years of oppression, marginalization, discrimination.

  24. Subhanallah
    prophet has told the truth,in the end time,Islam will be regarded as strange as it comes strange. This is obligatory for u to go out for Jihad

  25. Know that Ramadan is one of the major pillars of Islam,if any one tries to hinder you from assuming even a single day,then he want you to leave ur religion,you must struggle or the wrath of Allah vault you.Subhanallah
    prophet has told the truth,in the end time,Islam will be regarded as strange as it comes strange. This is obligatory for u to go out for Jihad

  26. Once you are 18 yrs, you are free to choose any religion of your choice. There are precepts in every religion, let we the christian read and live by what is written in the bible and the muslim read and live by what is written in the quaran, let see if the world wont be at peace. The problem we have are the fanatics and extremists

  27. Why do Muslims try to “fight” to protect a religion that preaches peace? That’s a question that baffles me.

    Islam is a religion that preaches peace but then you see certain muslims doing violent things in the name of Islam.

    Quite contradictory, I think.

  28. You see, right after Prophet Mohammed’s travails and journeys. Islam was a beauty. There was even a time when the Arabs ruled the world technologically and economically. But as time went on, things changed. Yesterday, I saw in the headlines “Ogun state govt organizes Ramadan essay competition” I was enthralled. That is beautiful. I checked the headlines again and see another; 5 people killed in Borno, including Imam”. That was just so ironcal. Two different muslim groups in different parts of the country doing different things. Sometimes, I begin to wonder what this is all about. Is it a fulani thing or a muslim thing? I’m not going to say that fulani’s are quick to draw blood, because that would be a hasty generalization. I would only want to express my confusion. The good part of it all is that I don’t regard muslims as pagans. They are religious people and it pains me when a religion is being suppressed. The chinese govt has acted against the fundamental human rights of its citizens. However, on looking closer at the story, it is reported that those muslims have constantly in the past torched off violence. So, nobody should say that they are silent. I respect all religions. But, we are first humans before we are religious. Muslims, please do not blame these parochial christians for not understanding but u should also put urself in their shoes. If u were a christian, and all around u, pple that claim to be muslim draw blood like a hobby; muslims around u were human enough to wipe out a whole village in Jos; people around u that claim to be muslims are terrorizing the country. Would u be attracted to such religion? Would u not rather be a hinduist or even traditionalist? And christians here, imagine if u were muslims and then u love allah so much that u can not behold any sin. And every day u hear derogatory comments made by christians. You see governments like chinese banning muslim festivals. You see, the world’s most powerful nation, USA branding ur holiest nations, terrorist nations. How would u feel?

  29. wat sort of religion wll fast and keep enemity at heart tell me jst afta some mint of fast breakin u started anoda round of violence in jos.i tout fastin is meant to 4giv & 4get. u re either in sane,confused or occultic who cant liv wthout blood.

  30. @zetus, u r a fool, u said Islam is d enemy to freedom, wat do u kno bout freedom lil chap?… nothing is free even in freetown, u fink u own ur life, u hv bin blinded by d western world dt hv legalise all sorts of evil(same sex marriage, satanic religions etc) n cal it ur right…

  31. The only way islam can change people’s opinion about them is to show the world that real islam religion does not promote violence at the slightest provocation.
    Look at Nigeria for example, if I am a neutral person just visiting the country, do you think I will like islam or associate myself with it? The truth is islam has to learn to be tolerant and not starting violence everytime.
    It is not that the world hates islam, but how do you get close to someone who does not value life and eats,sleeps and drinks violence.


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