Bruno Mars and Rita Ora were secret lovers

London -born star, Rita Ora used to date Bruno Mars before they were both famous. She has since fallen in love with Robert Kardashian and they recently tattooed each other’s names on their fingers. Rita Ora fell in love with the pop stra when he was recruited by her label to help her write some songs.

“It was love at first sight.Such a great experience. We met in 2009.I was 18 and starting out at Roc Nation. Bruno was unknown back then too.” Rita said. ” He was a struggling song writer hired to write songs for me.I thought, ‘Wow, that’s just the world’s greatest guy’ “, she continued.

“Our time together was wonderful.But once we got famous,work got in the way.We ended it last year but we remained close.And when we were together,we were so happy.” She concluded. Aww…the price of fame.




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