Breaking: El-Rufai Detained by SSS, His Twitter Account Reveals

A tweet appearing on the twitter account of Mallam el-Rufai has the former FCT minister claiming that he has been detained by members of the State Security Service (SSS). The tweet was posted at round 12.33pm on Wednesday 8th August.

Acording to the tweet: “The SSS at the Lagos Airport tell me they have orders to detain me and prevent me from travelling… the waiting game starts…”

This latest detention is coming less than a day after the former minister, in an interview granted to a national daily, advised the president to resign if he cannot deal with the security problems of the country.

This also serves to show our leaders – especially those who have in recent times condemned the use of the social media by Nigerians – that social media serve the good of all Nigerians, especially when they have nothing to hide. Now Nigerians know that el-Rufai has been detained, and they will demand explanations – why is the former minister being detained?


  1. Hahahahahah we never c anitin yet 4 dis country we don pray tired good tins no 1 show, aniway na dem no y dem apprehend El’rufa’e

  2. The man is a criminal hmmm…
    Shey e’no b say dis man na 1 of d big sponsors of bokobanza that’s y e say make Big Jonathan resign so that e go contest. Nowander… Nawa for dis our country oooo.

  3. So it is now a crime to wake somebody frm sleep? Wot el-rufai said is nothing but d truth
    who doesn’t know dat jonathan in incompetent or are u people now running away frm d truth
    how many people have died since jonathan becam d president?
    El-rufai has made d piont clear let dat IDIOT jONATHAN BADLUCK resign full stop.

  4. Stupid El Rufai should be transfered to international war crime tribunal to face charges of sponsoring Boko Haram activities in Nigeria.

  5. Imagine Rufai talking about bad governance. Was he not part of the system that robbed so many Nigerians of homes and Abuja? Since he is no longer in government he think he can talk trash. God will catch with him soon.

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  7. Dis is nt a gud manner 2 b hero u critic, critises n lets c wat u ll do u cheat. I hate u el rufai, i hate wit all passion. Gush i‘m sick n tired of dis man, i dont wana hear is name


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