And The Road To $300,000 Is Paved In Keagan’s Name And A Bit Of Luck

We all know him as Keagan, the 22 year old South African Intern Manager who came into the seventh season of the Big Brother Star Game as just another contender but after 91 gruelling days in a house filled with 35 housemates, 14 partners and seven celebs, he left as Africa’s newest celebrity on the block. What’s more? He did it in style by claiming the $300,000 prize money at stake which makes him the first South African ever to win the highly coveted and popular reality TV show.

At the beginning, nobody gave Keagan a chance of making it to the final but with each passing day and nomination, he just got better and better and finally, Africa was beginning to pay close attention to this fair complexioned lad from Madiba’s country. His accent, bubbling nature, puppy looks and sometimes mischievous pranks endeared him to fellow housemates and the rest of Africa. This is not to say that it was all a glamour affair while it lasted. Roki and Maneta

For close observers of the show, Keagan and Junia should have been disqualified from the house when they both engaged in acts that seemed to contravene the rules of Big Brother. For those of you that missed it, Keagan and Junia had been at each other’s throat with the former expressing his displeasure and making mockery of the latter’s accent while she sang. This heated brawl led to Keagan throwing water at Junia and as expected, she didn’t take it kindly and retaliated in almost unequal fashion. Now, those who say they should have been disqualified from the Big Brother House cited the case of Roki and Maneta in Upville which led to the disqualification of both housemates immediately. What would you call that? Mother  luck or a preconceived agenda skewed in favor of the South African?

Just as we can never discountenance entirely the role of destiny in the affairs of men, so can we not disregard the role it played in throwing up Keagan otherwise, how can one explain that on six different occasions, he won Head of House task (three times apiece in both Downville and Upville Houses)? This ensured that whenever he was nominated for eviction, he could always save himself and nominate someone else in his place. That is a classic example of destiny shaping the affairs of men.

Despite the highs and low moments of the Big Brother Star Game season seven, it can be said that Keagan was not only a delight to watch but also a worthy champion in whom South Africans and indeed the rest of Africa are well pleased in and with a new super star status and $300,000 to wit, luck just got better with Keagan.



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