Alleged Fuel Subsidy Money Thieves Have Started Refunding Money. What Next Nigerians?

No more, stories about the forged documents in order to collect money for petroleum products never distributed in the country. No more, information about attempts by some marketers to bribe government agents. No more, news about threats by some marketers to expose top politicians if they are taken to court over fuel subsidy scam – no more punishment for fuel subsidy scammers?

In an interesting twist of events, the National Economic Council has said on Thursday that some of the indicted oil marketers had started making refunds of fuel subsidy payment they got. Annoyingly, they are painting the picture as if the marketers got the monies in error without any scheming on their part to ensure the “error”.

After the National Economic Council meeting in Abuja, Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi, said in a press briefing said: “From the report we got today, some (indicted oil marketers) have started refunding. It is a serious case that people were paid for vessels that were not anywhere near the Nigerian waters… I think when the Federal Government does a thing that is courageous and right, it should be encouraged and that can at least give them the courage to do more…” And then he failed to mention those who have refunded the money.

And, as they have started refunding the money – someone is thinking – charges will be withdrawn? Not so many of us are privileged to be lawyers, but someone is asking can cases like this be settled out of court? This is Nigeria. Nothing is impossible. But what was all the rigmarole about in the first place; the committees upon committees. As it appears, the way things are going, the fuel subsidy fraud story will gradually fizzle out; the returned monies about which we are now hearing will remain just as it is described – “just heard of”; never seen, never felt by millions of Nigerians who have gone through untold pains as a result of the monumental fraud surrounding the so-called called fuel subsidy. And then what happens? We all live happily ever after!


  1. That is Nigeria for you – Masters in the art of Criminal fraudulence and inspired swindling. The Federal government has suddenly changed it’s gear to another distracting angle from the core issue at hand. No one knows the companies that returned the money, neither do we even know what becomes the fates of the companies involved in submitting fake documents to claim the subsidy money. Lets be factual with ourselves, who are the real owners of these companies? – Government top dogs. So, how on earth do we expect anyone to be indicted? Quite impossible. This is simply Government magic, and that is how the story will continue until Uncle Jonathan’s time is due. I wonder what the next twist will come out. Perherps the next story to fill the media headlines will read, ‘ogogoro sellers demand a state of the art Ogogoro processing plant’. What a shame

  2. If a poor person steals a goat,he will spend 6 yrs in jail.Here are stinkly rich people stealing billions of dollars but all u have to say is that they ‘ve started refunding?is it a loan?why not treat them as thieves that they are?BARAWO!OLE!OJIOoo!!

  3. In this life if u lact money and u are a breed from d domicilary dats rooted in penury, make sure u affiliate or carry God! Politics has a slogan “dirty game”, “dog no dey chop dog” can u probe people that sat together to mastermind and propel dis fraudulent act of sapping billions of naira from d oil sector? Dey are all pals, let God have his way in this country.

  4. The word “JUSTICE” is not in Nigeria constitution, or it mean something different from what the rest of the world understand it to be. To my understanding Justice in Nigeria is only for the Poor masses who are not politically connected, that’s to say wealthy thieves don’t go to jail in Nigeria.

  5. In our country those who had the opportunity not to be lettered or had enough to buy ordinary made in China radio lives the best of life. It is quite heart breaking to come across certain news. It is also a sheer waste of time for one to be a law abiding citizen in this country. BH have a reason here, by abiding to a constitution drafted by some rouges to suit their purposes and that could be altered or interpreted at will can do no good to any country. Let us adapt to the one drafted by our Creator. Simple and sensifull.


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