Abubakar Shekau – Wanted Dead Or Alive; $10,000 Reward: Nigeria Muslim Group

In what seems to be ‘the taking of the hunt back to Boko Haram’, a vocal Muslim group, MuslimsAgainstTerror.com issued a press release offering a reward of $10,000+ to bounty hunters for the head of Abubakar Shekau, leader and spokesperson for the Boko Haram notorious terror group operating from the North Eastern part of Nigeria. Boko Haram has been blamed in over 1000 deaths in the current year.

This appears to be the first bounty- reward placed on the head of a terrorist in Nigeria. The site also offered rewards for all valuable tips on the Boko Haram group.

MuslimsAgainst Terror:


Salam Alaikum

  • Firstly, let me mention that your real reward will be in heaven, Insha Allah. Allah(S) promised that whoever saves a life, it is as though you have saved the entire humanity.
  • Abubakar Shekau leads a deadly terrorist cult that continues to murder innocent people and damage the name of Islam and the Deen of our noble Prophet Muhammed (S). He embarrases us and causes secterian grief and strife in Nigeria. This is unbecoming for us Muslims. Enough is Enough, WALAHI! We will not keep living under his threats and attacks!
  • We are hereby grateful that Allah in His mercy has given us the financial capacity to offer this cash compensation as motivation to help soon end the days of this cursed man and stain to Islam. His days are numbered Insha Allah for all the harj(killing) that he encourages.
  • Whoever of the brothers is skilled in head-hunting, please join the ranks that go after this menace in a Jihad of our time. Allah(S) will be with you. Verily the protection of Allah(S) is sufficient for us all. Ameen.
  • We welcome more donations from brothers, Insha Allah we will increase the reward for his head and we also offer rewards for all useful information on his terrorist group and their sponsors. Nigeria’s security services needs the help of us brothers. Simply email us and you will be sure of 100% anonymity, fully confidential. We shall forward the information to the appropriate quarters, local and international, and arrange your compensation with you by email, Insha Allah.

To donate or send us information and tips: Email: [email protected] muslimsagainstterror.com

The dignity of Islam will be restored Insha Allah. Islam is our Deen, perfected Deen of Peace.


Brother Isa Sami

Media Relations

brother @ muslimsagainstterror.com


  1. @mohd nd usman,u guys ar fools….its high time they lay there arms nd allow peace 2 reign…..they ar nt islamic sect there is no verce in quran where killin is encourage….unless u guys ar boko haram member…

  2. by HIS grace u wll c him dead becouse the blood of innost soul wll never b in vain. our GOD wll judge any body who kill HIS imge.

  3. This a welcome development by the moslem against terrorist group, indeed the true moslems are out to potect the religion, the practice of islam against the boko haram sect which by their activities have demostrated that they are agents of the devil, murderers with the intent to kill everybody in Nigeria or making Nigeria a terrorist nation. The search of the leader of the sect is a responsibility of every one. Nigeria must be united and peaceful for all to leave in. The bold effort and courage of the moslem against terrorism group is commendable.

  4. Any1 who is involved in the killing of innocent people jst to tarnish d name Islam and make people bleve muslims are terrorists especially the media org. shall never succeed. May d culprits be brought 2 book. May they continue 2 bomb themselves without innocent person getting involved as it is happenin of recent. It is time u people know that all these people involved in all these attacks are not muslims. A lady tryin 2 plant a bomb in 1 cocin church was caught in d process. She is a memba of d church and confessed after a heavy beat dat she was paid very heavily 2 do it.

  5. i love u indeed my brothers,i’ve read briefly about islam is all about peace but only some selected few hind in islam name to tarnish it purity.. This step taken publicly has shown to us truly that moslem is not in support of the killing of innocent people.. I encourage u to stay firm and stable because i know they will hind and send back threat messages. Weldone brothers!

  6. @abdullah wat r u tryin 2 inculcate ur irritracy is at de highiest other,insted of u 2 give ur sugestion on hw 2 catch dis man u r here tolkin rubbish cow!!!

  7. Is it not the same Shekau whose interview was widely publicy by the media even on the net? He confessed his involvement to deadly group? Alleging that the northern govs were in full support? And that some former top citizens are also in the know. At the end he confessed to have apostasy (change religion)? Now is this fellow truly sought for because he headed a deadly group? Or because he broke the oath of silence? To add salt to injury, he changed religion.

    This BH are they just spring up? Why the sudden ransom? What has the Muslim organization done to stop this carnage? A beg mek una no full the people.

  8. This is a good beginning that could redeem the image of islam in nigeria if the top extreemist would not technically distract them. This is not a favour to the christian crusaders who are also building up their armies to defend their legal faith. A religious personality must be wise but the said Boko Haram are stupid like Bin Ladin and for sure they will end up more shamefully. The politicians that are in favour of this stupid groups will surely loose their popularity among their people. PDP meaning people destroy people. papa decieve pikin!

  9. I hope the sponsors of Boko haram have not resolve to another method.The first no to BH is to tell the hausa Fulani community in Jos to allow peace to reign or else,nobody shoul come her and decieve us cos we are once beaten,twice shy.

  10. @Baba Tunda. No insults please. @least he said smthn whch he might be right. If can’t giv ur suggestion dnt castigate any that giv his.

  11. indeed mr sami according to ur words and group u guys are trying to put things right but seems u guys dt no who u are facing coz wat u said is noting but a threat to peace, u guys are doing noting of difference with the bokoharam reason u also call for more bloodshade. am sorry to say that ur not speckn for muslims rather another group more bloodshade may ALLAH s.w.a forgive all.. dont u forget we will all die someday may ALLAH BE OUR GUIDE ameen.

  12. `m just too surprise how all this come to be, after all, I thought Nigerian you better than this. resulting to terrorism, that really new to west of Africans. I pray that you all come together as a nation to rid this out of your beloved land. this guy is not a muslim, his just an armruber/gan who has taken advantage of the corupt situation.


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