52 Prostitutes Rounded Up in Lagos

52 commercial sex workers have been arrested by the Lagos State Taskforce on Environmental and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit. The ladies, with ages ranging between 18 and 34, were raided at different locations in Isaac John and Toyin streets at Ikeja by policemen attached to the unit.

The exercise became necessary as a result of several complaints from the residents of the area about the activities of these nocturnal beings. The raid was said to have taken place between 10pm on Wednesday and 1am on Thursday.

Details of the raid were provided by a source within the taskforce: “We started moving round Toyin Street and later Isaac John Street to know where the prostitute usually stand to solicit for customers… as soon as we were satisfied, we started arresting them. The excercise did not last for more than three hours.”

Chairman of the Task Force, Superintendent Bayo Sulaiman, also confirmed the incident, saying, “There had been complaint by residents against a surge of commercial sex workers on Isaac John and Toyin streets… Isaac John Street is where we have the Government House and it is a criminal offence to solicit for sex by roadside.” He then warned that the task force would extend its raids to Lagos Island, Ikoyi and Victoria Island where he said commercial sex activities had been on the increase.


  1. Hmmmmmm!plolice?make una do dis work well no be at the back u wil started sleeping with dis ladies bcos u ppl can’t be trusted in any thing.or make una tel us that u wnt to fuck.nonsense!tell me whr it’s a criminal offence in law to arrest a person who is a self employed person who govt cant employ and rather tell us to 4get jobs nd light to face secrity.whch section of the law said dat?

  2. Why would d police choose 2 harrass does women, are d going 2 provide there need 4 dem d gov’t is corrupt and lack in there responsibility,so the should allow dem to employ themself

  3. i believe that this task force workers are causing more problems to themselves because they have themselves to be blamed end of the day in the bed of those prostitute when they don’t have home talk of wives. their dead traps have been organised just to cut the whole of their manhoods off. this set of persons have their minds at the back because of unemployement while the tf men have their own at the from because they earn little every day compare to criminal Sulaman that sent them. last time they were beaten up by soddiers this time around it will be prostitutes selling body parts. useless country and hopeless states with wrong leaders that can not create job before eradicating prostitutionalism.

  4. Nigeria Police should not be sent after woman it only give them a way of having free sex.
    Bokoharam is kill people everyday in the north some of these “very good” police men that catch women should be posted to the north for peace keeping. the bad guy all along the high way nobody has guts to confront them.
    As you catch these girls; the government should give them money to start a business so that they can stop the prostitution…..

    otherwise if u free them they will still go back to prostitution because that is their only means of survival

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