Zambia Excludes Nigeria From Visa Free Countries

Zambia has excluded Nigeria among the African and Commonwealth countries that do not require visa to enter the country.

Ordinarily, Nigerians should obtain Zambian visa at the point of entry into that country but latest development indicate that Zambia authorities have changed their mind on free visa application requirements for Nigerians.

The country said in its website that Nigerian nationals and some others going to Zambia as private/ business visitors or in transit shall apply for visas at Zambian Missions abroad. It however said the nationals who come to Zambia on confirmed Government business could obtain their entry visas at Zambian Missions abroad or points of entry upon production of official invitation letters.

The Minister in charge of Zambia’s Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Given Lubinda told BusinessDay in Lusaka that Nigeria suppose to be in the preference list whose nationals will obtain visa at point of entry. “We will look into it”

Probably aware that Nigeria has been excluded from the free visa requirement until at the point of entry, Lubinda however said it is in the interest of Zambia that more Nigerians visit the country as it is through such visits that bi-lateral trade between both countries can grow. Zambia buys cotton from Nigeria.
It is not clear why friendly Zambia subjected Nigerian nationals among those countries that require visa before entering the country but sources have linked it to security challenges in Nigeria at the moment.

Source: Business Day


  1. Nigerians shld look beyond what dey see. International communities are tired of us, developed nations are tired of us, now even under developed nations dat we might b better dan, are even tired of us. Nigeria WHY???
    Last week, it was Ghana preventing our citizens bcos of vaccination and it is Zambia, 2moro who knws, it may be Benin Republc requesting one thg or another frm our citizens and yet we laugh over it. These are the DIVIDENDS of our OVER-CORRUPTION .
    God save Nigeria

  2. He who wants to sleep on a wet ground should first pour water on it. Good leadership does not only bring economic improvement and development, but honour and respect. In bad leadership, reverse will definitely be the case. Is there any reward for good other than good? This is a verse of a glorious Qur’an, chapter 55v.60. May God save, help and bless Nigeria and her poor citizenries! Amen.

  3. @Cberry a very nice write up. When country such as Zambia, Ghana, South Africa e.t.c that we see as our brothers are denying us entry into their country on the grounds that we do not have a visa or yellow fever card, we should seriously look inward. We have a lot of problems which are rooted in corruption. So lets solve the problem at home before we think of running to other peoples land. If we have good governance these countries and even Europe and Asia will come to us.

  4. Look at what d present leadership of nigeria has cost its citizens. Some persons are looking at it as a mere joke, but the truth is that this is just the beginning of many more embarrassment to come. Soon it will be Niger and Benin Republic giving us conditions on entry to their country. President GEJ has to wake up to this call because his incompetence is growing thicker by the day.
    Much hailings to the house of reps who have began threat talks on drafting his impeachment memo. Hope this will wake him up to his responsibility.


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