Senator Accused of Funding Boko Haram Applies for Passport to Travel Out

 the senator mentioned as one of those sponsoring the dreaded Boko Haram sect has made fresh attempts to retrieve his international passport in order to enable him travel out of the country.

Ndume had on friday resumed efforts to retrieve his international passport from the custody of the court as his lawyers pleaded with the court for its release. Meanwhile, the senator is standing trial for alleged terrorism financing. His passport had been deposited with the court as one of the conditions for his bail.

In the application filed by his lawyers led by Mr Segun Jolaowo, the senator urged the court to release his travel documents to enable him perform Islamic religious rites in Saudi Arabia and seek further medical attention overseas. In the words of Jolaowo, “We all know the state of our nation’s medical facilities, that is why he wants to travel abroad for medical attention as well perform his religious obligation in Saudi Arabia.”

However, in opposing the application, the prosecutor, Mr Sunday Mordi, urged the court to dismiss the application in the interest of justice and the security of the entire nation. The trial judge, Justice Gabriel Kolawole subsequently adjourned ruling on the application to Tuesday, July 24.


  1. No wonder boko haram is growing strong.
    Jonathan is a good man but has bad backer.What i know is that pikin wey say e’m papa nogo slip,e’m too nogo slip.
    Ndume should be killed.

  2. So Ndume wants to go for d meeting alqeeda called for all terrorists in the name of medical trash.
    Nawa for my islam taking saudi for something else.
    God will punish all of u idiots for spoiling our religion.

  3. Ndume ur nt goin any wia as far as Nigeria court is concern u must surely rep wat so sold dnt in d name of medical checkup u wnt tu go n bring more terrorists intu ds Country.

  4. Nigerians can never seized to amaze me. How can such personalities like this God forsaken senator who possed a serious security threats in this country be spared? Common masses who tries to steal wat they will eat out of hunger, receives death by hanging within a blink of an eye while people like dat useless senator continue to parades themselves. How can a whole senator of a country tells the people he wants to travel to outside his country for medical treatments? Wat is the duty of law makers in a country? Who will put the medical situation in good conditions? Useless politicians. U people will die like fouls.


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