RMD displeased with Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji over fake story

Popular Nigerian actor Richard Mofe Damijo aka RMD has expressed his disappointment at a comment about him by Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji on her blog, the actor took to twitter to express his displeasure at the post concerning him, he said:

It has been brought to my attention that one Linda Ikeji character who I understand is a gossip has put up a story about my N250m (ordinarily I will never dignify her type with a response but with the calls, texts & bbms I hv received I’d like to sound a warning to her (Ikeji) to desist from fabricating stories about me & get a life, knowing the worth of a property is not rocket science & If you find a dignified career path & work hard at it you will be too busy & successful to spread unfounded lies about people’

Meanwhile the story on  Linda’s blog was:

‘The actor was born July 6th 1961. Wishing him many more beautiful years ahead. Meanwhile the actor has acquired a palatial home said to be worth about N250 million in Asaba, Delta State, where he is the Commissioner for Arts and Culture’.


  1. RMD, I am so pleased you responded to the info, cos I am an addicted fan of yours and I was disappointed when I read the previous info. I was disappointed, because I strongly believe that people who work hard for their wealth do not have to go around boasting with it.
    Meanwhile, you have said it all reporters like this really need to get a better job or do something better with his/her life.
    I wish I had a job, i will offer her at least it will reduce her publicity nuisance

  2. Errr…I tink RMD was too busy to realise Linda Ekeji alredy got a lyf.She’s a gossip…a well paid gossip.She dont nid a grandoise house worth hundreds of millions to qualify as havin a lyf,does she?RMD’s response(if indeed was made by him)if necesary as claimed,is too abusiv for a man of his standing.Mayb d lyf of d politician is alredy takin over him such dat he now talks lyk doz useles politicians who “dont giv a damn” and who tinks evry person who tels dem d truth is “stupid”.RMD,if u dnt lyk d tins Ekeji sed(whch ar by no means insulting,nd whch u didnt deny)u can xpres ur displeasur in much beta ways than in the above(if indeed u sed those).Askin som1 2 go get a life?Nigga pls,Linda’s doin jst fyn last tym I checkd.Mayb u was too insensitiv to notice.

  3. @macheinti…. You are even more stupid than the above unknown blogger trying to be relavant. Its amazing how ppl just wake up and dream things about other ppl. Like he has said Linda Ekeji should get her life. If she was doing something constructive other than dissing prosperous ppl on the internet she wouldn’t care about RMD’s property. Like he said it aint rocket science to evaluate a house so you go and see the house urself before you start talking about politicians. FYI RMD is not a politician he is a political appointee so you too get you life!

  4. @Dr Les…. Am sure u are sooooo educated right? An educated illiterate at that. Thank you steve for pointin these pple in d right direction. We need constructive bloggers who put up info with detailed facts and not gossip bloggers making money off jobless/idle head educated illiterates

  5. @Steve,I wont dignify ur insult wt an insult.U’r jst bin a typical Nigerian lyk ur mentor RMD,vexing ova nothin.
    @Segun,if u kno d media world wel,u’l kno Linda Ekeji has carved a serious niche there.Plus if u’ve read d purported write up she wrote,she simply congratulated RMD on hs birthday,nd wishd him al d best as he moves into his 228milion naira mansion.dats all.Wat did she say dat is so bad or so provoking?RMD’s outburst is totaly uncalld for.


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