Photo: Baby Born With 3 Legs In Borno

A baby girl identified as Nafisat has been born with many legs in Borno State, Nigeria.

Baby Nafisat was born to the Ahmed family in Bayo LGA of Borno state on the 18th of June, 2012.

The family’s joy quickly turned to sorrow as they witnessed many abnormalities surrounding her birth.

A surgeon at the Federal Medical Centre in Gombe states Nafisat needs intensive surgery to keep her alive.

Unfortunately, her parents have no means of paying for this expensive surgery.

They’re calling on Nigerians especially the first lady of the state to come to her rescue.

The medical director of the Federal Medical Centre in Gombe said the baby stands the risk of dying if the surgery is not carried out immediately.

Nafisat is currently in the Special Baby Unit at Gombe Federal Medical Centre and she is struggling with

Imperforated anus
Other multiple abnormalities

“The patient has to undergo a series of surgery in order to correct various enormities.” – Dr Adamu Madugu, the Medical Director of Federal Medical Centre, Gombe

Baby Nafisat is currently living on different medical gadgets and she needs N1 million for important corrective surgery.

Madugu said with N1 million, Nafisat would be able to p

ay for her surgery, drugs, investigation, pints of blood, feeding and accommodation.

“Unfortunately, the parents cannot afford the money due to financial constraints,” said the Surgeon who solicited that only government can help the poor parents to save the life of the baby.

We are appealing to good Samaritans out there to please help this baby girl in anyway you can.


  1. Let dat boko haram child die 4 d sins of his father, when there were killing innocent christian they forget dat nemesis will one day catch up with them, use less people. U people should expect more of this .


  3. @uche,u shudn’t criticize d yung blood,moreover,how sure are u dat her dad is among d boko haram?if u re in position to help d baby,do it for god instead of wishing her death

  4. CHAI!!!!!!!!!
    i’ve never seen anything like this ohh!!……i pray God will make a way for them.. Infact borno state nawa oohh!!………………

  5. @ Uche, Do not pay back evil for evil. God is the only one who has the power to condemn anyone for their sins . The poor girl came into this world without any idea of boko haram or whatsover. Please, anyone who wishes to assist the family of the child financially should do, whether christian, muslim or pagan. Lets help save a soul and may God bless us all as we do that IJN.

  6. @uche,dnt pay evil 4 evil,d innocent gal knws nafin abt boko haram so dnt wish ha death.i pray dat a Almight God wil grant bby gud health n a saveful surgery

  7. U don’t hav 2 blame Uche 4 his comment. He might one of those whose loved ones fel victm of boko haram militants n if he were, put urselvs in his shoes! Wht would u rather say? D best u can do abt his comment is 2 try n make him c reazns y he should 4giv n 4get lyk 2 comments i’ve read. U can advice som1 wit offences words. As 4 d baby, it’s such a sad incident n i pray dat God hav His way

  8. Uche hs d right tu say wat eva he wnt tu say Boko haram has kill innocent blood nd nw d Repacution is @ hand Nemesis wl reach dem 1 by 1.UCHE dnt mine dem.

  9. Uche and other people laying curses on Borno state should realise that there are many minority xtian tribes in the state as well. We should also know that this is a medical disorder that happens anywhere in the world. why the sentiments and hatred for the state

  10. God shuld grant the family the strenght to overcome the situation,but for Borno state is a warning for repentance.

  11. abu u ar d bigest impotent dummy, uche is rite.i think u abu or abubakar or watever u 4**ukin Name iz must b a useles Norther Murder urself.

  12. I agree with uche. What goes around comes around. A child with three legs? Thats anti christ. And its manifesting in a state that i belive is in support of boko haram. Christians dont be decived by what you see. Just watch aod pray.

  13. @uche & his likes, be wise in ur comments. The issue of Boko Haram has nothing to do with this innocent baby. By the way, you’re saying that Boko Haram killed xtians, but I strongly believe that you don’t follow right OR you’re too sentimental. Do you know the number of muslims and Islamic clerics that were killed in relation to Boko Haram in Borno, Kano & elsewhere in the north? I believe, the number of xtians killed are just like a drop of water in an ocean compared to the number of muslims killed. May someone just step in and give the baby a helping hand for the sake of Allah!

  14. @ uche. From d prima facie, u re an educated illiterate nd lack d teachins of d bible. Do u tink wit dt ur Empty head dt God is so wicked 2 punish a child who is born without knwin whre she is, bcos of d consequence of d unknwn group called Boko haram. If u tink God wil punish dis baby, den soon shall u encounter d boko haram too. Stupid.

  15. Uche u are realy mad idiot illiterate is any body who is in borno is boko haram an also u are sayin that boko haram killin christiation but let me ask u if u can able to answer me pls hw many christian catch dat they are try to put a bomb in chorge but since the crisis did they catch any muslim with the name of boko haram want to bomb xtian chorge

  16. that who knows God,knows that Allah is merciful.’the sins of one never affect another(@judgement)’ Qur’an.but fools just think God judge lyk they do.if its that the world wouldnt hav reach now.4 hw mny times hav u commted a sins.

  17. D idiot devil as uche n devils in support of his stupid idea shud go 2 hell n xpect a death of a pig in their dancing beer parlour they take as church. we pray may God send d CAN’s Boko haram 2 bomb their homes n churches as they do in kd n jos so that the eyes of good nija pple will shine wth peace wthout wicked monsters col CAN.
    God bless d baby n our dear north! Ameen

  18. I don’t know why our people keep on argued on issues that are not relievant. What baby Nafisat need now is prayer and donation. Why are we arguing on her issue? Now our taught is that the reward of all bad events carried out by Boko-haram in & out of Borno now lies on Nafisat’s head? Why all these comments? Let agree to what God as said that “when the world is coming to an end, unimageable things will be happening”. I think Nafisat’s case serve as a good example for us to worship non but God Almighty. Nafisat’s issue aside. Haven’t we had of a child given birth to by a family of well known Christian in Lagos holding Qur’an? Please, let stop all such of saying with Nafisat’s issue. If we have no money to offer the family let support them with prayer.

  19. @Dan KAno u are a very useless and stupid for dat statement may God judge u b4 dat silly statement u made…m sure ur and all ur generation are member of BH may God expose you soonest ….crazy bastard….we cristian CAN and oda good muslims will know peace but U and ur generation will suffer for ur sins Amen

  20. Nigeria my father-land. This case is very common in medicine and it is called CONGENITAL MALFORMATION. It happens every where on earth, in both humans and animals. All that is needed is medical intervention, which needs money. So will some one please make a donation? Even to feed your curiosity if you are not the beleiving. Or for the sake of God. Reality is; peace loving People of Borno suffered from B.H more than any body else, so pray 4 Borno please. B4 these Aliens called B.H would kill every body there. Peace, peace, peace and may God save poor Nafisah.

  21. Did any1 else notice how aggresive the muslims coud b? Pls look at d comments again. They love abusive wrds. U cnt cntrl ur anger on net den hw do u want 2 cntrl it physically. God help u all

  22. I wil tell us that the baby is just a sign to us is not issue we should start insulting each other 4, the child has 3 leg and the 3 legs represent hausa, yoruba & igbos with 1 body called NIGERIA . no 1 cant walk with 3 leg 1 haz to go out for the body to balance and the 1 going out is the urgly leg that attarched itself among the normal 2 legs . what am i saying nigeria is going to split . dnt ask me hw u wll see it bc it has already started. if u are a christain maintain ur grand as a christain cos the fight is not ours but of the lord he will fight for us and we will have our peace.the bible said every tree nt planted by God must be uprooted ,so every or any group that says we NIJA will not rest will be crushed by God almighty. Amen

  23. How violent and abusive muslims can b. B careful cos u do not have the sole franchise to anger, violence and murder. Where your right stops another persons right begins. B mindful of ur act, thoughts and words.


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