Pastor Bakare Continues Verbal Attack on Jonathan “Up Jesus, Down Jonathan”

Fiery Pastor Tunde Bakare, who was last week declared wanted by the State Investigation Bureau over a sermon proclaiming President Jonathan as determined to bankrupt Nigeria, on Sunday hit even harder in his latest sermon.

Mr. Bakare, who heads the Latter Rain Assembly, began on a musical note, imploring the congregation to join him in singing a popular Pentecostal retreat song that inserted “Jonathan” into the lyrics.

“Let us carry Jesus up and throw Jonathan away. Up, up Jesus; down, down Jonathan,” the pastor proclaimed, warming into his sermon yesterday.

Wanted by the SIB over a recent sermon, Pastor Bakare told his congregation that the letter inviting him to attest to the rippling sermon he gave last week arrived while he was away in Ukraine. He said he had defied the advice of many who counseled that he should not return when he was being sought by the government’s security department.

“I received lots of calls and I was advised not to come to Nigeria until Monday, but I have nothing [to hide],” Mr. Bakare announced, narrating his experience of last week.

The pastor also reacted to the news of a N25 billion lawsuit reportedly filed against him by a firm owned by oil magnate Femi Otedola over the pastor’s statement accusing Otedola of fraud in last week’s sermon.

“I am now in the country for anyone that is looking for me,” said Mr. Bakare, adding, “Let him bring his lawsuit so that we can put his integrity to the test.” Mr. Bakare stated, “He wants to see the lawyer in me.”

Mr. Bakare also announced that his church was planning a prayer event for the nation this July, adding that the fraudulent party and people in power would be swept away for a new dawn in the nation, come Nigeria’s next national anniversary in October.

“I invite the South, the North, the East and the West on the 22nd of July to join us in sweeping off the frauds in the government of Nigeria. Only the foolish will wait for 2015 or 2020. We are throwing the corrupt people out of power. July will be intense for them, August will be more intense for them and September will be the darkest night that will usher in the new dawn for Nigeria,” he declared as he raised his voice.

Last Sunday, Pastor Tunde Bakare had claimed in his sermon that President Goodluck Jonathan’s destiny was to run the nation bankrupt. The SIB had reportedly sought to invite Mr. Bakare for questioning, but he was away in Ukraine as the letter arrived. The SIB’s invitation has been widely perceived as an attempt to arrest and detain Pastor Bakare who was a vice presidential candidate to General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd).

Pastor Bakare gave assurances today that he did not flee the country to evade detectives, adding that he was back now and ready to receive those seeking him.



  1. This man does not have work to do, am even averse to him being a pastor, What sought of a man of God will pray that; “…July will be intense for them, August will be more intense for them and September will be the darkest night that will usher in the new dawn for Nigeria”? What good would He have done if he and his boss had won the elections??? Bunch of Trash!!!

  2. Pls Naija pple should lv Bakare alone & see how GOD will deal with him when d time comes.Bakare is not a pastor but spoiler who don’t want d nation 2 grow.Y can’t he preach GOD’S kingdom.I blive he hasn’t tell d pple he is mislead in his churche dat”What will profit him if he BAKARE gain d whole world & loses his sole”bcus if d pple knows they will not step dat his SHRINE he called shoshy 4 ever let’s see GOD action

  3. Bakare is on track. One thing I know is that God’s move or ways cannot be understood by men because most times it sound foolish.So whatever Bakare is doing now and it sound so stupid to men,its becuase men ways of doing things cannot be the same the way God does his things.Jesus Christ was never understood by the so called jews,isrealite,pharisee,sadducee.These were the people that knows all the laws God gave to Moses,yet when Jesus came with his messages,it sound foolish to them and they criticise him,kill him and crucify him.Christians should continue to criticise Bakare because they lack understand of God’s move and how God woprks just like the Pharisees. I am not a member of Barake’s church,I attends Day Star Christian Center and I know Bakare is a man of God and am convince he is an apostle who has been sent by God to clean the mess in our nation.BAKARE IS THE SENT ONE (APOSTLE).

    • I do not think that Tunde Bakare is on track though his boldness may be valuable.If he is a pastor who knows his onions as they say,he should be an ambassador of Christ who is the embodiment of the Godhead, to whom all powers in heaven and on earth is given,how then does he criticise the president for kneeling for prayers from Adeboye,a representative of God.The first king of Israel, Saul was rejected because he did not wait for their pastor and prophet Samuel to offer a sacrifice.Please advice Tunde Bakare that no man can serve two masters at the same time,you either be a pastor,prophet or a politician if he so much like the letter ‘P’

  4. What is this man turning the church into, a political battle field or what? If he doesn’t know what to preach why can’t he just keep quiet. I can’t just figure out what it will be like if he were to be the v.president he was contesting ƒø̲̣̣я̅. But a message to the church is we should sieve what we hear and what we digest into our subconscious, it isn’t everyone that calls God that God really recognise. The end time is really here. Ђơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ω would it have been if this man was the second I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ command I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Nigeria?

  5. Every prayer by whoever for a continued One-Nigeria will yield more and terrible destruction. Such prayers will produce super disaster because heaven and God’s throne has rejected Nigeria and all its signatures of oneness.

  6. he is not even a christian, left to talk of pastor of GOD

    but a bloody politician who is looking for his way to the presidential seat.

  7. We mght all criticize pastor Bakare, but where are all these people when d country was sliding down for complete 4 months without a president and he used d SNG to remind d NASS of installing d V.P to govern d nation. We have been praying to God for a savior, why cant we see d bigger picture, he might be d john d baptist to bring d messiah naija needs…i love his boldness and fearlessness, how many pastors can do that, they all want more members…..

  8. Bakare is on point, he does not mince words and does not try to befriend the ruling party while looking the other way when they are looting our lives away like Adeboye and Oyedepo will do. Does being a pastor mean you cannot say your mind? if Bakare had gone ahead slapping defenceless people in the name of witchcraft exorcism all these people would be hailing him because they are too depraved and do not have human compassion in them, now he is saying june july august will be hot for the economic looters of our dear nation and all of you are castigating him. As far as i am concerned, Pastor Tunde Bakare is the only honest pastor that i know in this country….. all the rest are either liars or cowards.

  9. @ Adek; God bless u for your comments… How many pastors will criticize d president even though we know he’s not functioning, i see nothing wrong in what he does… Didnt john d baptist fire and rain curses on herod for taking his brother’s wife , yet Jesus said of all born of woman they have not been any greater than John
    lets support Bakare, the pastor is fully on course.

  10. If badkare is a real pastor,he would not have been insolting d presidency.Badkare is totaly fake.Badkare is a stupid and senseless fool from d pit of hell.If he learns from Jesus,he shudn’t have been all that foolish.Eventhough Jonathan is making mistakes,he shud be praid for.coursing,criticycin,evil talks on d presidency,will do no good on d presnt govt.Badkare is missleading his fellowers and will also reap morethan he sows.No man of God shud b found in politics.But badkare do to love of money,has sold his entire life to badhari.Devid upon all soul did to him,he never for onces speek no evil to him(Devid).

  11. wel we may cal bakare anything we like, wat l know is that Nigerians love deceits and never comfortable wit bitter truth in fact they don’t understand it, but God that reigns in the affairs of men wil deliver Nigeria 4rm these harks in govt. Pastor Bakare let every one reject and castigate u, history wil vindicate u. They did same to our Lord Jesus Christ.
    The Lord reign.

  12. Dat gal na witch,Jonathan na devil.Oyedepo slap witch,Bakare slap devil.If only all our religious leaders ar lyk Bakare,then Naija wud probably b makin sense.Abi una wey dey criticize d man una no dey c say Naija dey skataa?Abi una lyk as Naija dey so?Its ppl lyk u guys dat make Naija bad.Cowards and Goatwards.

  13. When we hear abt d corrupt indulgence of our so-called national leaders, we bite our fingers as it pricked nd burn our hearts nd wish we could hav any chance 2 deal rootlessly wit dem. But here’s one man who has single-handedly nd boldly stand out against all d looters of our resources n doz who are spearheadin dem; instead of us 2 com out nd support him we rather sit back nd criticize him? As much as i will hav an opportunity i will support him. Let’s giv change a chance people.


  15. Pstr. Tunde Bakare, i loved 4 years ago for his boldness, fiery-assertiveness,fearlesness & activism,carelessly lost my respect by denting his image & what he stood for when he ventured into politics & immersed himself with the Greeds,Sabotuers,wickeds,killers,blood suckers,Terrrists,for whatever reason.
    A good Preacher.
    I hope he regains his conciousness.

  16. Tunde Bakare may be a schizophrenic but not many people have given serious thought to this. I’m not a PDP fan but I voted for Jonathan in the 2011 presidential election. It was a credible election attested to by local and international observers. And so Jonathan remains the President of Nigeria. But Tunde Bakare, a vice-presidential candidate in that election remains in his DELUSION that he and Buhari were rigged out. It didn’t matter that his party had no solid political structures in most parts of the Southern states, Bakare expected his party, CPC, to win anyway. This delusion ,I think, is the root of Bakare’s perpetual soak in bitterness. The manifestation of this is the constant raining of insults on the President of Nigeria. Bakare needs pity for his mental condition. He is out of touch with reality. He needs treatment.


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