Northern Governors Kick Against State-owned Police

The governors of the nineteen Northern states in a meeting yesterday unanimously kicked against the clamour for the establishment of state police. According to the governors, they are rejecting this proposal because they believe the country was not ripe for such.

In a communique signed by the Chairman of the Northern Governors’ Forum and governor of Niger State, Dr. Babangida Aliyu, on behalf of the governors, they stressed that rather than have in place state police, the Constitution must be amended to allow for state governors control commissioners of police in their respective states.

The communique says, “The Forum is not in support of creation of State Police. It however resolved to prevail on the Federal Government to embark on Police Reform that will assist the states in control and management of police affairs, and sound philosophy of modern policing by amending the provision of Section 215… : Subject to the provision of this section, the Governor of a state or such commissioner of the Government of the State as he may authorise in that behalf may give to the Commissioner of Police of that State such lawful directives with respect to the maintenance and securing of public safety and public order within the State as he may consider necessary, a Commissioner of Police shall comply with those directives or cause them to be complied with.”

The meeting, which took place in Abuja, was reported to have been attended by 18 out of the 19 governors from the north.


  1. The best security is food and job securities. We don’t have lazy man in Nigeria. Nigerians are ready to work under the sun and in the rain, but the situation at hand does not encourage them. As the saying goes; no food for lazy man. Are we lazy? People who have not be provided jobs for or conducive environment to create jobs on theirs, then where do you expect them to get their means of sustainance? We all know the consequences of hungry stomach? Bad leadership causes Hunger, hunger causes anger and anger is the root of anarchy, insecurity and social violence. Stop wasting funds on combatant security and start venturing the same funds on aforementioned security with utmost sincerity and full implementation. You will see the positive result within unexpected period. This is my citizenry contribution to my great nation. May God save, help and bless Nigeria and her helpless citizenries! Amen.

  2. What kind of excuse is this again o, what are we not ripe for? What are they afraid of? State police is what nigeria needs right now, state independence like true federalism. Does a police man who come from sokoto know lagos very well as much as someone born and bred in lagos, if we are after security, let’s be, enough of playing politics with everything. Our democracy is loosing direction, everything is random.


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