N400 million world most expensive and fastest car Bugatti Veyron Spotted In Abuja!!!

The world’s most expensive car, a Bugatti Veyron has been spotted in Abuja. The car goes for $2.4Million (N400 Million). Just 300 of it were made and it must be flown back to Europe for repairs or maintenance. It is also said to be the fastest car in the world.

The daunting question still now remains WHO OWNS THE CAR? In countries where there is law and order, such an expensive car would only create a lot of attention, and you must really be expensive to get such a ride under your arms.


  1. Ha!A country where ppl re livin bellow 2 dollars nd sombody go nd buy dis wt public money….Oh God!i wil hav say d motor shuld kil d person dt brought it,bt i left d rest 2 God.

  2. Nigerians, too extravagant. Tax shld be imposed on some asset and parking space base on the cost of the vehicle.
    What, dt guy is so stupid, i guess it shld be one of the politicians. If he died make he carry am go.
    Too much money na madness, even everythings

  3. Why is every one making noise over somebody who has his life to live?
    Whoever bought that car, just give him two years from now, he will not need anybody to advice him before he knows he has wasted money and future resources. Just let him be. I know a typical black man will call that a display of wealth, but a wise man will call it a display of stupidity.
    In all, what I see here is simple. Money only left a hand of a stupid man to the hand of a wise, hard-working man. Case close!

  4. whoever own the car, its left by him/her, but for me the money for the car is not of sweat money. Either money ritual or amrober politicians. But ( GOD PASS THEM.)

  5. Why don’t u just look at d $2.4m as 2.4m naira. If d owner works in America and saves 2.4m,to me its d same thing as 2.4m in Nigeria. D problem is that u are all mad at d owner bc u are looking at d naira value. There are countries u go and drive a 2. 4m naira car and d people begin to reason d same way u are reasoning bc to that country,in comparison to Nigerian naira, our 2.4m may be their 400m or even 400m. Let’s tolerate one another. He may not be a thief as many think. And on d other hand,what if d person did not buy it but stole and shipped it into Nigeria wt d help of fraudulent seaport and immigration officers. Could be one of these two ways. Cheers

    • Wat r u sayin.doz dat manufactured d car knows dat it is world most expensive car.even n europe or America 2 b precise u must b carlos sliim 2 own such a car.its nt abt d value cos in any currency u can tink of,d car is marginali expensive.I kn of onli 1 man dat drives it in america en dats rick Ross en ofcourse u kn ♓☺w dy mk dia moni.if it’s as easy as u said it considering d diff btw naira en dollar y hasn’t evri rich or middle class in america own it?

  6. what do u expect in a country like ours, such expensive car. in a law abiding country such person should b questioned. but anyways, money is money, way is way, means is means. this is d world full of wicked human beings dat has no conscience. pple ar livin in porverty, n sombody is larvishing $400m over vernity. its only left 4 God 2 judge.

    wait a minute, who posted n is bearing d name God. may he spare u from his wrath, its my prayer 4 u

  7. See, this kind of car can’t be stolen, it can’t be gotten thru money rituals, this is one of the cabals. I pray I can buy such someday. I’m happy for the owner jare. But vanity upon vanity… We all need jesus !

  8. guys quit complaining go and do you own hustle you low life salary mentality lazy men.stop thinking every rich man is a politician or ritualist.posses the mind of a winner and not a looser.and by the way the car is worth 1,7m dollars and not what u just posted here.

  9. This guy that bought dis bugatti is wiser than all of u hete porverty have beclouded ur brains. Wat if that guy is Adenuga’s son what if tje person bought it to use it for rental for big occasion for big people…and when I get rich I won’t only buy one bugatti I will buy two .look at how u guys are thinkin ok d guy should used d mornin and build a orphage home and feed poor people u will u go there and get feed….fools people

  10. MR OR MISS REPORTER, NA YOUR FATHER GET AM. If you dont have better news please stop wasting our time and airtime on nonsense stories of yours. You better consider getting another job idiot.

  11. “You have to ground another‘s person economy to develop yours“……….. The owner of that car is a scape-goat of developed country against undeveloped country to indicacating our economy is being depreciated to appreciate their‘s. Nigerians are hitherto, not wise.

  12. People have been saying more than 50% of Nigerians are surviving in less than one dolar per day, Today a Nigerian bought One of the Top class and expensive Cars in the World. The Owner I believe will go round Nigeria to show up regardless of people problems all over the nation, People are looking for : water to drink, food to eat, medicine for their health and electricity for the maintenance and development. No one business man and self reliance can offer a car of N400M in Nigeria had it been there will be, we would have seeing his/her name in the list of World reaches persons…………..
    in nut shell, What Sort of Self Interest are we developing? For our Information let us leave all the selfish interest we have to make our self and our nation progressive
    May Allah Help us tru

  13. Nigerians must complain good or bad
    Why is dis a culture in dis country,must
    Evry1 b a politician in nigeria to drive
    Any car? For God sake dat guy might
    Not b a politician cus niger politician
    Take our resources and live flamboyantly abroad so
    Dat guy did well by bringing in his 2.4
    Million naira camery 2 add colours to our roads.

  14. Lots of pple av bn saying yeye things here,where were they wen otedola b. Ought a yarch worth 300m and was told he. Whld need 600m to dredge the water way. For him to. Be able to drive the yatch from d island to apapa,d yatch still dey infront of american embassy now,wit a captain on board,cooks crew and security,dis is not the first time we will show our wealth,wat am only worried about is if d owner will ever bring. D Car to agege or places like bariga in ilaje,cos na there we go kn if na china made or original

  15. Is normal! Pple hav houses wort 4billion in abuja with 3renge rover
    4prado’s, 2sport cars apart frm d cars his children uses, houses abroad
    Children schooling abroad and staying in private house
    And he still have oda houses in abuja, ph, and lagos.we are not talking about his oil pit. Can’t dis man afford dis car?
    Is it bcos sum1 who we dnt knw weda he used all dat he has to make name. Abeg na prayer we need. They are many.
    Pple dat have private jet can afford more dan dis abeg. Pple in naija hav customised private jet, foreget dat tin.
    Pray for ur self to make money and dnt wrry urself on how sum1 got his money or wish him death

  16. Spotting a car like this in Nigeria is like a pillar of salt standing in the middle of an ocean! Possibly God placed it there, possibly it’s not the salt that we know, possibly there are coating which will wear out with time and so on! For all I care, it’s a wrong attitude in the midst of penury and a risk factor for crime!

  17. Why are you all so quick to judge? There are still legitimate business men out there who work hard and have millions of dollars to play with so because one has disposable income dosent mean u r a pen theif. You all need to grow up and stop sounding like a bunch of people who can’t think outside of a box.

  18. the future.this is ones tomorrow and may be the little one coming and if you take good care of your children you will see that the money you are saving is not enough to determine how rich they will be in future and no one can say that the person that buy the car would not have a good school for his children if we are to be mad at the person that spend such amount in buying a car so what should we do to those that own three to four houses at banana estate in v.i talk of the price of water before turned to land then the building and even if he wanted to feed the poor wit this, how many poor will benefit and be feed wit this pls think wise

  19. A car dat cost so much n luxirious just 4 only 2 passengers or @ most 4… If only it(bugatti) had its own road or runs in space. Sad tin it runs on d same ground as a man walking on foot.

  20. Woe betide all haters of good if d Bugatti were urs all will be fine…since it belongs 2 Anoda man he is a ritualist abi after a long hustle, a man can do as he pleases wit his cash…even if e wan use 400M rap igbo natin concern u. Amebo!

  21. which kind jamb question are you asking,who owns the car, who do you think can own the car,no be thieves that you voted in2 power that own the car.

  22. naija for God sake stop criticizing! This is power of money, it pushes the owner, moreover fingers are no equal. If me or even u have that kind of money, we feel buy upcoming better cars. But lets learn to help one another before showing off! Life’s sweet!

  23. Why all these noise about someone buying a car, afterall pastors and imams buy private jets when their church members are struggling for a meal! All because they claim to be God special agents…abeg let this dude be, we are all corrupts…

  24. Pls leave the luck man alone,his God has answered his prayers.It is left for him and his God to know how he made his money.As for using the money to assist the poor,forget that, there must always be the poor in any given society even if all our national wealth is appropriated evenly,apologies to CHRIST JESUS.
    Munee uku.

  25. I just confirmed u all are fools no exception. Bcos i have read all your comment and realise that u guys dont think atall. Anyway if u all may know it belongs to a well known nigerian footballer. U guys should do the assignment urself. I dont need to mention names bcos u guys only think of politician when something comes up

  26. Poster! Buggati is nothing for Nigerian, Nigeria is not poor country sir. Besides is not most expensive sport car, you need check out MayBach Exelero and tell me about it, soon or later $8m toy will storm Abuja road anytime from now. Never mind who own the car and where they got the money. Even in America, some are met to poor, while some are met to rich. Bill gate said second Richest man in the world ” If you’re Born poor, is not your fault but if you remain or die poor is your fault”. Nigerians you need to change your mentality and stop blame your failure on government. You guys need do something, success come by hard working and determination.Arnold Schwarzenegge said, ” Success is like put you inside deep water and you want to breath by all mean” Guys Always try something. Nigerians should stop looking for miracle or magic. or some one to lift up all the time. Go to school, if you can’t afford school, go and learn skill labor just do something. Western world work tireless day and night to make their countries more beautiful. change your thinking, blind your face on those people that embezzle Nigeria money those things will always depress your goal and make you lose focus, don’t scare to take or face challenge, try things, invent things, Micheal Jordan said ” I never fail if I failed, But I’m failed if I don’t try something .Your destiny does not tie with President Goodluck, Senator or Country Economy your destiny is in your hands, base on your hard work and determination. So Guys change the way of your thinking, stop nagging, or blame your failure on politician find your mean and way of be successful in legal way. Never cared to fail, try it and face it challenge Nothing good come easy. thanks

  27. In a country wea many(masses) drastically live below poverty line,so dese cars would av be bought by cabals(90% If u r born without silverspoon in ur mouth, den, u can easily undastand that succes do nt occur easily but rarely 2 very effortful. Nigeria is so corrupt dt callousness & self-centeredness have come to be d order of the day…..GOD Almighty, we need ur Divine intervention!

  28. It’s all about packaging it’s ain’t different from other cars. The car might be running on VW engine. This is a new dimension to slavery.

  29. @ Ester. I beg to differ, $2.4million dollars is a whole lot of money anywhr u go. How many hard working americans can manage to put down that kind of money or even save dat much??? After all said and done, its all vanity

  30. Mr eric kaftan , u must be very stupid for that comment , infact God purnish u , for that comment , cos u are comparing nigeria with with america,

  31. I agree wiv Esther, Sly, Ifeanyi, Yahaya, Rachie, Rahab, Esco, Badguy, Sadon, Domnic, Tony, Chris, Eric, Tack, & Pascal.

    As 4 others, if d guy buried a Cow, )’all too shld go & bury ur Cow & let’s see. Even if it was stolen by pen, go do dat 2 na! U think it is a FOOL does dat without trace!

    Do U even know the amount d guy/babe must av spent on charity & others! U people don’t know ow rich ur neighbour hu is a Tenant and a regular man is!

    U better ask for God’s forgiveness. Beyounce dat bought d LIMITED EDITION of this same Car is younger than most of U o. Take the money U waste on Call Cards, Beer, Wines & all & give to the poor.



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